Dancing with the Stars Season 21, Week 8 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Immunity, Immunity….who gets the immunity?? Place your bets here!! Part of me says it’s tailor made for Nick…another part of me says Carlos, who may need it more. If Carlos gets it and Alexa goes home, that’s just going to piss me off. Then again, maybe Alexa…

The dance off is apparently Jive, Cha Cha and Samba, and only ONE of our couples have danced all three. Nick. Surely that’s not a coincidence. Here’s how the rest of them stack up:

Nick: Jive, Cha Cha, Samba
Carlos: Jive, Cha Cha
Alexa: Jive, Cha Cha
Bindi: Jive, Cha Cha
Andy: Jive, Cha Cha
Tamar: Cha Cha, Samba
Alek: Jive

The BEST thing that could happen (for all parties, I’m thinking) is that Nick doesn’t get immunity and picks Tamar. Tamar picks Samba – they’ve both done it, so it’s a true dance off. Every other couple would be fine with the remaining dances except Alek – he will likely get picked last and he needs to do the Jive. In this way, everyone gets a dance that they’ve done. However, I have a nasty feeling that Bindi is going to end up with a Samba, simply because whoever she picks might want to take her down. I think this is only likely if she picks either Nick and Tamar – the two seriously competitive (to the point that Derek was on the verge of saying something) people. I don’t even get THAT level of competitive from Carlos. Just other unpleasant things. 🙂

Anyway, all of these burning questions will begin to be answered in T-minus 60 minutes….

Great pro dance!

Carlos salsa was a mess. They blew the lift, the missed a hand hold, the entry to the lift was messy. They are coming up with an excuse to give him a perfect score. And there’s the “don’t care cuz I liked it a lot” BS from Bruno.

Oh thank god for CAI being real.

Shirley says that was a 8 dance…I would agree.

Nick and Lauren just announced their baby news on All Access.

Awww….Alek did a fine job. The package was lovely. I did see the blown lift, but he handled it well. Think the 9 from CAI was a tad high.

Andy is making me SOB!! Jaysus. I have to add that there were a couple exits from moves where Allison kinda blew her footwork. Unfortunately it was really noticeable. I’m not sure it was Andy, like CAI was saying.

Eh, I think 7s were pretty harsh. He should be all 8’s, only one point below Alek.

Damn, Alexa had two very visible missed steps. She was doing so well!! So fierce and going strong, then boom. The song was too funky too.

ARGH!!! Underscored!! Dear lord, she’s was more than two points better than Alek!!

Here we go, as expected. Very sweet though.

Gooood contemporary routine. Hate that straight leg lift with the flexed feet though. It’s in every contemporary dance. Other than that, I loved it. And here comes immunity for Nick. Best dance ever??? Wild hyperbole from CAI as expected.

LOL…shot of Derek going “Freakin’ a – another big announcement right before we dance?? Will I be eliminated next week too??”

Oh sure, it’s super fair that Julianne looks super hard to find something wrong with Bindi. Pretty sure she didn’t work that hard on ANYONE else. That was a brilliant foxtrot. But explain to me how it’s fair to have Nick the ringer dancing contemporary against everyone else who isn’t a ringer doing ballroom?

Brilliant Foxtrot…from a non-dancer or dancer.

Nick has immunity – Tamar can’t get it, no matter her score.

Oh boy…it may appear that they’re letting Val point out that she got a bad edit, but it’s not a good look still. They end the package well though.

Will CAI call the lift in that dance? Probably not. The music was all wrong for that dance and as a result, the dance seemed…limp. Not sharp.

Oh praise be. CAI is now two for about 8 on the lifts.

LOL…and Derek defeats the Team dance with a simple request. I wonder if he saw Alek and decided to give him a better chance against someone else? He might not have seen him due to Tom trying to stop him from his “strategy”.

Oh, my lord. The dance off I was watching wasn’t close at all and Bindi was doing more jive. Hmmmm….they’re trying to save everyone at once. Derek is getting HOSED tonight between Julianne and Erin and Tom and everyone questioning him. Pissing me off.

This is BS. Carlos must be in trouble.

Very interesting. I voted for Alexa for sure, but America’s vote had the weight so Alexa gets the points. Interesting.

Allison doing all the dancing in the first few bars of the Samba. Alek doing an interesting lift.

Hold the phone…Immunity is for tonight?? Or tonight and next week??

Safe – Bindi and Derek!

Safe – Tamar and Val

Safe – Alek and Lindsay

Safe – Alexa and Mark

Eliminated….Andy and Allison. I’m on a roll.

Note that the married couple both got the extra two points tonight.