DWTS21 Sharna Burgess Writes Of How Proud She Is Of Nick Carter, Teases On Next Week’s Dances

Sharna Burgess has written a new blog at Hollywood Life. She writes of how proud she is of Nick this week and what’s happening in his life. She also gives a tiny preview for what’s taking place for their next dances. Read more below and at the link.

Nick really brought all of his emotion to the dance tonight. He didn’t want to watch the video package that aired just before the dance because he didn’t want to get too overwhelmed, but I saw in his eyes and in all of those moments as we were dancing the love that he has for his for his wife and how much this meant to him. And at the end of the dance when he dropped to one knee because he was so overjoyed with everything that’s happening in his life — it was truly a beautiful moment! All I could do was try to find Lauren to go there and be next to him; they are just such a beautiful couple and love each other so much. I am so happy about the news that a new Backstreet Boy is coming to the family; what an amazing reveal! I know he will be an incredible dad, and I’m so excited for him to start this new journey with Lauren. As his coach, I couldn’t be more proud of him, and as his friend, I couldn’t be happier for him.

Next week, we have a whole new challenge that we have never before on the show where we have to travel to another city with another couple. We have to watch a show, and create another number inspired by it to perform next Monday as well as an individual competition dance so it going to be really intense and a lot of pressure, but I know Nick can handle it. We’re also really excited to be working with this particular couple (to be announced!) as we absolutely adore them and they are so talented.