The Dancing Poetry Corner – Guiding A Star Through Dance

As exhibited on the 11/2/15 Dancing With The Stars show, this show is much more than dancing. The show was a study in heartbreak, heart-tugging, heart wrenching, stories from the heart. The show reveals personal stories, personal growth. The show has deeply affected the pros, stars, and the viewers in ways that not any of us had comprehended before.

The pros get so many more opportunities by being able to travel with their star. They meet many new people they would never have dreamed meeting before. Their lives are greatly enriched by this superlative Ballroom show. I love how the show is one huge 21 Season Dancing With The Stars Family! It is a thing of beauty to witness and a joy forever!

Were your eyes drippy and moist last night? Because my emotions boiled over like a beaker in a laboratory. A few of the stories resonated in my life. I’m sure they affected you in that way, too. A show that can make us feel something personally within ourselves has fulfilled its mission.

The opening was a grand, glorious, glamorous show-stopper! Showcased were the ladies and men pros in separate sequences. Blending together, we were treated to a golden showcase! Another choreography fabulous feat by Mandy Moore! The entrance of the couples was filled with peppy pizzazz!

Many sparkling Troupe bumpers populated the Ballroom. Super-charged, they were a dazzling delight!

Welcome Back Erin!

I was thinking of a title. It came to mind the stars were thinking of those special guiding forces in their lives who shaped them, who had an influence on their lives. Please join me for:

Guiding A Star Through Dance

Guiding A Star – Chris Kyle
An appearance in the Ballroom by special friends Anthony and Spencer
Alek and Lindsay – Contemporary
Holding Out For A Hero

Full of a tribute of emotion, with heartfelt movements
Amazing lifts, a tower of strength, rose to the occasion
With honor, with pride, exhibiting from the heart

Guiding A Star – Grace Kelly
Bindi and Derek – Foxtrot
Grace Kelly
With Troupe Assist

Brilliant Broadway flavor dance revue, A Hollywood Sweetheart
Beautiful star-shaped floor sequence, prop hat choreography
A class of her own, a classic dance extravaganza, full of energy

Guiding A Star – A Sister – Toni Braxton
Tamar and Val – Paso Doble
Born This Way

Powerful Paso passes, steps of fire
Fierce, pure down to the core, flavor of Spain
Choreography to show off a dancer

Guiding A Star – A Wife – Lauren Carter and a Baby Backstreet Boy on the way
A Blue Balloon Baby Boy Reveal
Nick and Sharna – Contemporary
Can’t Help Falling in Love

Pure perfection of emotion, charming, special
Lovely lifts, depiction of a perfect love, caressing the story
Portraying joy, love poem visualized through dance

Guiding A Star – Andy’s Mother and Stevie Wonder
Andy and Allison – Viennese Waltz
Isn’t She Lovely
Allison playing Andy’s Mom

Sweet, darling tribute to a beloved Mom, feeling the story
With love from heart and soul, lyrical, flowing
Uplifting the Spirit of a Mom in the Ballroom

Guiding A Star – David from David and Goliath
Mark and Alexa – Argentine Tango
Viva La Vida
With Troupe Assist

Epic, giant performance, full of drama
Dynamic, delightful performance, dramatic ending
Full of grandeur, of Biblical proportions

Guiding A Star – Marc Anthony
Carlos and Witney – Salsa
Valio La Pena

Shimmy, shaky, hippy, happy dance, unique ending
Spectacular lifts, in the blood, Magic of Carlos
Many arm movements, free, improvised

The Dance-Offs
America’s Choice Votes

Carlos and Witney, Bindi and Derek – Jive
Travelin’ Band

Thrilling, unexpected, unpredictable
A lift flourish at the end – Carlos and Bindi

64 percent of Americans voted for Derek and Bindi
The overall winner was Carlos winning two additional points

Alexa and Mark, Tamar and Val – Cha Cha Cha

Hot, sex appeal, cheeky, girl power
Hips going like mad, like an English competition

76 percent of Americans voted for Alexa and Mark
The overall winner was Alexa winning two additional points

Andy and Allison, Alek and Lindsay – Samba
Lean On

Physical elements of the dance, with bounce
Perfectly involved with their partners

54 percent of Americans voted for Andy and Allison
The overall winner was Andy with two additional points

In April and May of this year a friend of mine and I watched America’s Ballroom Challenge. Included were Dance-Offs. Dance-Offs are an amazingly awesome part of any dancing show.

It becomes increasingly arduous to see anyone go home from this time forward. I simply fell in love with Andy. He was charming, personable and a delight. Allison and Andy danced their way into our hearts. To a flip and a worm on the Ballroom floor, Andy.s time was over.

I watched the tributes unfold. I thought how much I would love to have any Dancing With The Stars pro teach me a dance devoted to my beloved late husband Ken. It would be an endearing, special tribute. A gal can dream can’t she!

Next week there will be individual pairs dances. And something new – Duet Dances. I am always surprised what the producers give us. And welcome variety at its best!

See you around the Dancing With The Stars Bend!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 3, 2015