DWTS Season 21, Week 9 (Lame) Promo – Only Three Weeks Left!

I’m not a Tamar/Val fan, but they are getting a real hatchet job here. Tacky, producers, tacky. As Elsa said – Let it go. As Heidi says, let it f#@&ing go.  I totally believe Tamar when she was coached into saying that line (although Val should have warned her) and we’ve seen this tactic before.  Of course the celebs couldn’t possibly look bad if they didn’t give the producers material to use – but they’ve replayed this ONE CLIP so many times now that it’s just disgusting. Come ON!! It’s not like Hope Solo and Maks who gave the producers multiple instances of bad behavior – if there was a pattern here, we wouldn’t keep seeing this one clip over and over and over.  Is this the new era of DWTS??  What’s next? Making Bindi cry? Give Nick a blue teddy bear to remind people he knocked up his wife?? Make Mark propose to BC Jean? It’s a shame there’s no one in a romance so you can use your very tacky stealth cam.