Dancing with the Stars Season 21, Week 9 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Maybe we should start a drinking game on Tamar and Alek’s bad packages. And for every time Julianne hands out a score based on feared backlash. And for every time one of them says “If you’re here next week…”

Sad when you go into your once favorite TV show expecting to be pissed off at least once during the evening.

T-minus 30 minutes…

ICYMI – Vogue reported that Tamar has pneumonia and her performing is questionable.

Alek did pretty well!! And he wasn’t too hosed on scores. The manscaping was more than I really needed to see.

FYI – Val whining about about their schedule on All Access. He didn’t even know Tamar had left. In other news, Sharna forgot the makeup mirror has a camera. I saw more than I needed to see. Sorry Sharna.

Great contemporary number by Alexa and Mark – enjoyed it more than Nick’s last week. A bit repetitive in a couple spots, but if she doesn’t get a perfect score I cry foul.

OK, first stupid thing for the night – Carlos’ AT song?? Ludicrous. I didn’t even know what style it was there for a while. Have to agree with CAI, as much as it pains me to say so.

Bindi is the sweetest thing ever…and that was a beautiful V. Waltz. And no, I don’t think that was a lift, but I expect the random lift caller to yell about it.

Yes, Val, we’re very aware that you’ve never had so many challenges before. Poor Tamar though. Judges are going to score the dress rehearsal.

I have to say, she looks rather unwell…kinda sweaty. Unsteady on her feet. I think the 7s were a bit harsh.

Oh for fuck’s sake, Sharna just threw out that she hasn’t won yet. Boo f8cking who.

Derek and Mark on All Access saying they didn’t get to see their show until Thursday so they didn’t get to start it until Friday.

Took WAY too long to get into hold for Nick and Sharna, and then they got out of hold way to early. Len would give that a 7. How about you do the assigned style, bud?

Julianne!! The dance is supposed to be in hold!! Bruno is out of control. Dance should get all 8s for lack of content.

So Rob Wade picked the teams?? Nice. Let’s not have anything happen naturally.

I love Alek… “Carlos, yer gonna die, ahahahahahahaha” Wow…great package.

I don’t know if that was the best technically, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. 🙂 The judges that raved over a quickstep that had way too little in hold, are being overly harsh on a ridiculous theme dance.

And the scores were harsh as expected.

Okay, that dance kicked ASS!!! Wow. Perfect. One tiny sync issue at the very end, but damn, that would be a tiny nit pick.

Man, they were VERY kind to Tamar and Nick’s dance. I feel for Tamar, I really do – but….

Crap, either Alexa or Carlos is going home. I knew they wouldn’t be able to resist putting them in jeopardy against each other.

And, unfortunately, Alexa is eliminated. Called it wrong this week – she was like my third choice.

In other news, the producers have reached a new level of disgusting stealth cam behavior. You guys just disgust me. To an extreme. Carlos…spare me dude. She’s not dying.

Seriously, the last five minutes of this show made me not care if I saw it again. Derek Hough, get thee to Broadway – they don’t deserve you. And they don’t deserve Mark either.