DWTS Season 21, Week 10 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

So, what kind of crazy assed, ridiculous, redundant and stupid theme will we have to endure in week 10??

Vogue here: LOL Heidi! Well, guess what? According to the Afterbuzz interviews (you can watch them in the new Media and Interviews Post), it’s “Trio’s” week! The couples also have a “ballroom” dance. Sharna revealed they will be dancing with Peta for their Trio dance (Yay! She’s back!). Lindsay said she and Alek have a Waltz and an Argentine Tango, but, they didn’t say for which dance. Also, JC Rubio tweeted that Emma will be back (not sure how yet?).

ETA2: As most of you have already heard, TamarΒ withdrew.Β  Also got confirmation that Emma is in Alek & Lindsay’s trio (!!!!) and they have Argentine tango (double !!!), which means their individual dance is waltz. Also looks like Carlos revealed his dances & songs in some interview…sorry guys, just waking up to all this stuff, so let me know if anything is missing…and please provide a source πŸ™‚ – Court-

ETA3: Apparently Victor mentioned in his Snapchat that Karina is in Carlos’ trio.Β  Gonna trust you guys with anything Snapchat-related, because I hate it and can only be bothered to use it to talk to my sister. -Court-

ETA4: Per Derek’s blog, Mark is tentatively in their trio, depending on his injury, and it’s a jazz trio. Complete guess on my part, but if Mark can’t dance, I could see Sasha stepping in. Their individual dance is salsa, and he also mentions this mysterious “3rd dance” that TPTB have thrown in to fill time since Tamar withdrew. -Court-

ETA5: So, according to People.com, the mystery dance is a dance off where the winning couple gets 3 points. And yes, the manipulation gene is strong in these producers. Bindi is dancing against Nick – a samba which he has already done. Carlos versus Alek is a cha cha – which Carlos has already done. These…..people…just can’t help themselves. The BS just never ends.Β Ya know, with the way they add dances to this show, it’s not hard to find two dances that neither couple has done to at least attempt to make it fair.

ETA6: So per Deep Throat, apparently Carlos is no longer doing a samba trio, and the song they’re using is NOT the Austin Mahone one he mentioned.Β  DT says it “looks more likeΒ a Charleston or jazz” and the song they’re using sounds “old-timey”. So what happened? Don’t know for sure – did Carlos misspeak? Did Witney veto the song/dance? Did Carlos just suck at samba and they threw him something he was more likely to handle well? Discuss. -Court-

ETA7: According to Derek, he and Bindi are dancing first tonight. Dance order doesn’t matter much at this stage of the game, but I do wonder WHY they’re going first. To be underscored, or to set the bar for the rest. ~Heidi

Sharna, Nick, and Peta
Alek, Lindsay, andΒ Emma – Argentine Tango
Tamar, Val, and ?
Bindi, Derek, and Mark (tentative) – Jazz
Carlos, Witney, and Karina –Β  Samba (Song: “Dirty Work” by Austin Mahone) Charleston/jazz?

Individual Dances:

Bindi and Derek – Salsa (Song: “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” by Sia)
Dancing 1st

Alek and Lindsay – Waltz (Song: “America The Beautiful”)
Dancing 2nd

Carlos and Witney – Contemporary (Song: “Drag Me Down” by One Direction)
Dancing 3rd

Nick and Sharna – Tango (song: “Scars” by Alesso feat. Ryan Tedder)
Dancing 4th

Tamar and Val –

Dance Off:
Bindi Versus Nick – Samba
Carlos Versus Alek – Cha Cha