PureDWTS Season 21, Week 9 – People Magazine Claims Alexa PenaVega “Could Be Back”, & POLL

I waffled a bit on whether or not to post this, as I don’t really think it’s news – really and truly, it could just be someone from People creeping our comments section for material (it’s happened before with other outlets) – but I thought I’d share nonetheless, since this seems to be a developing story.

Per “an insider”, Alexa could be reinstated in light of Tamar’s withdrawal from the competition:

With Braxton’s spot in the season 21 final 5 now open, there is discussion among the show’s producers about bringing back PenaVega, 27, who was just eliminated on Monday.

“The producers are looking at all possibilities right now,” a DWTS insider tells PEOPLE. “There is a possibility that Alexa could be reinstated.”

The article goes on to mention that they’re not sure how it would work, given that the viewers weren’t able to vote for Alexa after Monday night’s show – basically, kinda what we’ve been talking about in the Tamar post. I don’t think Alexa returning is entirely out of the realm of possibility at this point, though – I think TPTB are probably flying by the seat of their pants right now, given that Tamar has kinda turned the show on its head this week, and are throwing out all kinds of ideas and trying to make them stick. Mark did post something very optimistic on Instagram a few hours ago, and out of the blue, Alexa was praising the crew for all of their hard work…has one of the producers possibly reached out to them already?

Some exciting things happening.. This is now my Current mood. ???

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I guess the way I see it right now, there is nothing TPTB can do that is going to make everyone happy – bring Alexa back, people are going to complain that it’s not fair to those who did get the votes to stay; don’t bring Alexa back, people are going to argue that Tamar’s withdrawal was just a waste and there’s no reason not to bring Alexa back. I also don’t know if it’s in the cards to drop the finale down from 4 couples to 3, since they seemed like they were dead set on making it a huge extravaganza. I guess at this point, I’m in favor of reinstating Alexa, taking the points from last week (but not the votes), combining them with the scores and votes from this coming Monday night (and having the votes count for double), and then eliminating someone on Tuesday to determine the 4 couples that make the finale. Is it possible? Who knows.  What do you guys think should be done?