The Dancing Poetry Corner – Double The Dancing Pleasure – Duets Style

I was toying with how to write this week in light of the drama in the Ballroom on Monday night. I decided to address the drama and then go on to writing as usual.

So much has been said about the situation of Tamar, how the show handled the drama, etc. Was she brave for returning to dance? Should she have returned at all? Was how the show handled the situation the proper way to do it? Was Alexa dismissed unfairly? Was Tamar unfair in not withdrawing and allowing Alexa to have the possibility of continuing? I certainly don’t know the answers to those questions.

What I do know is pneumonia and blood clots in lungs and anywhere in the body are serious business. My 94 year old Mother is recovering from pneumonia. She is doing better. My late husband developed blood clots in his legs during his cancer ordeal. He was already severely weakened from the cancer. Of course blood clots need to be caught and dealt with, if possible, to avoid them traveling, breaking off, and causing death.

My prayers and good thoughts are with Tamar for clearing up of the clots and being restored to health. That is the most important thing. The questions I mentioned may have a bit of importance, too. But, first and foremost is that Tamar gets well. The drama that happened is unfortunate but it is past. It is on to the show next Monday night. And on to my writing about this week’s Monday night’s show.

When I was thinking about a way to write about the show, I thought of the commercial of the past – Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Fun – With Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint Gum. The show offered us a new concept this week – Duet Dances to Showstopper Tunes and Shows. I was excited to see what the dancers would come up with for this concept. I was not disappointed.

Please join me for:

Double The Dancing Pleasure – Duets Style

Duets Style – Cirque Du Soliel – Beatles Love – Las Vegas
Nick and Sharna and Tamar and Val – Rumba
Cirque Du Soliel – Hey Jude
With Las Vegas Show Dancers
Aerial Work, Umbrella Props and a Confetti Explosion

A psychedelic dream, protection of a partner
Fabulous fun, brilliant choreography
All about Love, Nick became a leading man aiding Tamar

Duets Style – A New York Broadway Show – Chicago
Bindi and Derek and Mark and Alexa – Jazz/Charleston
Chicago – All That Jazz – Hot Honey Rag
With Troupe Assist

Superb hat and hand choreography, perfect team work
Darling duo Bindi and Alexa, scoring a strike
Jazzy, snazzy, full of pizzazzy precision, Broadway Bonanza

Duets Style – A Cruise Ship Show – We Will Rock You
Alek and Lindsay and Carlos and Lindsay – Paso Doble
We Will Rock You
With Troupe Assist

Rocking beats, spectacular lifts, overall great
Duo of Alek and Carlos – Paso moves
Pulsating drum beats, with a color explosion

The pairs provided a dynamic show! Each one exciting on their own!

Concept – A Cool Cat
Nick and Sharna – Quickstep
A Cool Cat in Town
With Artem and Alan

Broadway feel, with finesse, brilliant, bright
Dazzling, debonair work with Nick, Alan and Artem
Delicious movements, crisp, clear, clean, in the zone

Concept – Representing a Struggle
Alexa and Mark – Contemporary
Make It Rain

With raw emotion and deep feelings, lifting a spirit
Story told through specific, structured movements
Mirroring a dark drama as strength is born

Concept – A Dance With A Blindfold
Derek and Bindi – Viennese Waltz
Roses and Violets

Spectacular, special, with superb lines, taking risks
Mesmerizing, magnificent, maturity of dance
Connect with clarity, honesty, as a sunrise of hope

Concept – A Playboy Out of Miami Vice
Alek and Lindsay – Salsa
Back it Up
With Troupe Gals

With swagger, good presentation of character
Having fun with the girls, a Miami Vice feel
Letting hair down, bright, sparkly

Concept – Judged on Rehearsal Performance
Tamar and Val – Contemporary
Wicked Game
With Artem and Jenna

Mirror images, with emotional strength
Beautiful lines and beautiful movements
A great concept which was genuine and real

Concept – A Great Dance
Witney and Carlos – Argentine Tango
What Do You Mean

Copied movements on either side of a door
As if in a dysfunctional relationship, very well done
Sharp, staccato movements, lovely lines and footwork

The ending drama in the Ballroom was the elimination of Alexa and Mark. After growing into a special, spectacular dancer, Alexa’s time was over. It is so hard seeing anyone go at this point of all of the seasons. Those remaining have matured into dancers of beauty!

Next week the popular Trio Dances return. I always love those dances! I can’t wait to see who is chosen to work with the couples. And what they have come up with for their exciting dances!

See You Around The Dancing With The Stars Bend!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 11, 2015