Carlos PenaVega’s DWTS Blog After Week 9

Well, this is certainly interesting. The most interesting thing is what he says about his contemporary dance, considering what we saw for Bindi’s Trio dance sounds just like it. Makes me wonder where Witney is getting her ideas. I would bet the producers vetoed it because Derek was already doing it. Interesting they didn’t get told about the 3rd dance until Thursday. Other than that, Carlos echos what  a lot of us have said about Tamar and Alexa.  From – thanks to DWTS Gossip for the heads up:

My heart goes out to Tamar for having to quit the show [because she was diagnosed with blood clots in her lungs], but it is tough knowing that Lex could still be in this competition with me if Tamar had quit before the end of Monday’s show.

Witney and I have been talking about our contemporary dance since day one. Witney had this great concept that involved this giant cube and a rope. We were really excited about it but then we were told it wasn’t possible to do on the live show.

We let go of the idea of using the cube, but Wednesday Witney and I went in and really fought to use the rope and they eventually figured out a way for us do it.

I’m really glad we’re getting to do Witney’s vision, but working with the rope has been way harder than we anticipated. It worked perfectly the first time we went through the routine, but after that it was causing a lot of stress.