Dancing with the Stars Season 21, Week 10 – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Two more Mondays to go.  Will tonight be dreadful, or was last week the real low point of the series? Only time will tell.  All I can hope for is some great dancing.

T-minus 30 minutes…

Nice little opening number. I guess.

Bindi’s package made me weepy. No surprise.

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Not a Salsa fan, so it’s no shock that that’s not my favorite dance of Bindi’s. I was momentarily confused, thinking she was doing samba, then I realized that’s later. Kinda hosed doing two similar dances in one night.

CAI telling her she’s too clean?? Oy veh. Talk about ridiculous.

Alek’s package will get him a bunch of votes…and his dance was just lovely!! I loved it.

Hmmmm….I would be scared of that perfect score, Alek fans. Seriously, *Alek* gets three points higher than Bindi?? Bindi Irwin??

Carlos should stop talking. For reals.

What was the point of the rope and the direct rip off on Derek and Amy’s freestyle ending?? That…sucked….

So, that crap dance is one point better than Bindi’s “too clean” salsa?? Seriously?? And the person with the highest cumulative points of the season is currently on the bottom of the leaderboard? Yeah, that’s not at all funky. :::rolls eyes:::

Not much tango in that tango and his (Nick) feet were a mess at the beginning. It just looked…funky and not in a good way. :::sigh:::

Sad commentary on my thoughts on the show…I was sure they would give him the same score as Bindi. Don’t worry, dude – they already have you marked down for beating Bindi in the dance off.

I don’t know if anyone has done the math, but if Nick beats Bindi and Carlos beats Alek in the dance offs, Carlos will be at the top of the leader board by point and Nick and Bindi will be tied for last place.

Great dance from Jenna and Val!

Oh god. Tamar is OFF the show!! Give it a rest. I feel for her, but damn. The producers on this show are drama junkies and they’ve infected Tom.

Think about it – Tamar has virtually dominated the show for two weeks now.

Got to hand it to Alek, he is having fun with it. Loved it. Is Carlos the better dancer? Sure. Was he more entertaining than Alek? Nope. I’m sure this score will surprise no one.

CAI throwing the pity vote. Erin trying REAL HARD not to give away what they’re doing tonight and almost blowing it.

Bindi and Derek going first?? Bindi should have won that one easily with the samba rolls. There was no contest. Nick again coming up short on content compared to Bindi.

Ah, the judges do something unexpected and give the points to the right person.

Mark and Derek scare me. Every time. That kicked serious ass.

Holy crap, two great dances from Alek tonight. I also have to say that Lindsay has been schooling both Witney and Sharna in terms of choreo. I’ve enjoyed Alek’s dances more than either Nick or Carlos, this week in particular.

Judges are CRAP.

That was a pretty good Charleston, on it’s own – but compared to the Charleston that we saw in the middle of Bindi’s dance last week, it wasn’t so much.

I’m sure they didn’t plan at all for Bindi and Carlos to be tied. Not at all. :::cough:::

Was that another Disco number from Nick and Sharna?? It was a good dance…but it seemed familiar.

There ain’t no time for an elim, is there? Tom did say that either Nick/Sharna or Bindi/Derek had the lowest combined total. Do we actually believe him, or was that him workin’ some BS??

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