DWTS21 Semi-Finals Fashion Post! Along with a couple more goodies

I still haven’t been able to see the whole semi-finals episode, I had a child related commitment, and missed most of the first hour. It’s okay, I thought, I have the DVR set to record every episode, I’ll just watch the next day! Except…. Kids had been hitting that record button to record things they will never get around to going back and watching, and there wasn’t enough space, so NONE of it recorded! They “got” to sit down after school and delete everything they’ve recorded on the DVR that they aren’t going to go back and watch, because there was NO WAY I was willing to not have next week recorded.  My satellite provider isn’t one of the chosen ones that will allow me to watch the show on the abc website the next day, so I don’t really want to comment much on the show itself, until after the finals when they finally release it so EVERYONE can watch. *sigh* Unless someone has a solution so that I can watch what I missed?

So, on to FASHION!

Erin’s blog is up over at People. I do like the white dress, and it did look good on her, but considering how much she moves around from one end of the ballroom to another, and up and down stairs, it MAY not have been the best choice, in my opinion.

Carrie Ann’s blog is up over at Parade, and you can find the discussion over here. I really liked her look this week! It was a good look for her.

Julianne’s blog is up over at  InStyle. She looked really great this week, but anytime she wears her hair so straight and sleek, I always miss the texture that she normally has. And personally, I prefer less make up, but she did look stunning, even if it may not be one of my top choices.

Who was your best dressed this week? I think it’s Carrie Ann for me. I LOVE Erin’s hair!

And on to some GOODIES!

Val’s got a video over on People, he’s ranking his costumes that he’s worn over the years. He gives one outfit a 12 out of 10, you will want to see this video! It’s Val being Val, we know how humble he is…. It was fun seeing some of the past costumes, and made me think he’s got a Costuming Rut that he’s stuck in.

Julianne was on GMA this morning, during their 40 hours on air that they’ve been doing. 6AM, live remote, bright eyed, hair and make up perfectly done. Fortunately, she wasn’t in LA, she’s in DC. The video can be found here. She talks about the finalists, and about Strayer University’s campaign to redefine the word success. They also talk some wedding stuff. She says they’ve not really been making plans, but Brooks did say yesterday in an interview he did, that the wedding is next summer. She’s definitely been thinking and looking at wedding gowns. I think it’s probably still far enough away that they don’t need a lot of details set in stone yet, and I think it’s best that details aren’t given out until AFTER the wedding!

I don’t watch GMA, so I don’t know who the reporter is who did the remote with Julianne, but he brought up the wedding, because of what she posted yesterday on her blog. She’s asking for some help in narrowing down gowns for her wedding. She’s NOT deciding on THE gown yet, as she said right there in her blog, but I’ve seen a LOT of online media, and fans, completely ignoring that statement, and say that she wants help deciding on THE gown. If I’m reading her correctly, she admits that her style is all over the place, and finds that her personality fits into several different categories. She wants to be able to narrow her look in one direction, when she does look for the gown. She will still have a LOT of choices, but being able to narrow thing down before walking into a bridal boutique will cut down hours she doesn’t have in her schedule. She’s got thousands of responses on her instagram, and her facebook page along with her blog, and she’s willing to get as much input as she can get. Personally, that may be a mistake, because I did read through a SMALL portion of people’s opinion, and it all contradicts another. She has to wear white. It can’t be white. It should be strapless to show off her arms and shoulders. It should cover her well. It should be form fitting. It shouldn’t be tight. The lace gown is boring and doesn’t have enough detail, the non traditional gown with very little detail has too much detail on the skirt. And that’s just part of it. I’m glad she asked for advice, but sorting through it will not help her at all.

My advice for her is to just go in and start trying on dresses.

How would you advise Julianne on her search for her perfect wedding dress?