The Dancing Poetry Corner – A Potpourri of Dance – Semi-Finals Swing Style

I will preface my writing with my continued thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims of the Paris attacks. Also, for the entire situation, the ramifications near, far and wide. God be with Paris and God be with us all.

My heartfelt sympathies also for the death of the father of fellow columnist Voguerista. God be with her and her family.

Season 21 is drawing to a close. How can that be! It seems like we just saw the Cast Announcement on Good Morning America. The journeys of the cast have been highlighted culminating in the four pairs who have advanced to the Semi-Finals. A potpourri of many styles of dancing were highlighted.

The opening was another unique feat of choreography by Mandy Moore. Featuring circles of light and interchangeable pairs, the pros were in the spotlights! Albeit brief, the opening was a prelude to the introduction of the semi-finalists.

A special dance, a Foxtrot, was performed by Val and Jenna. To the music of “Here”, it was a dance of seduction, sharp, with polished finesse. It was gorgeous, glamorous, hot, sizzling, scrumptious! Stunning lifts were executed by this seasoned, professional pair!

The packages of the four pairs were extended to include more of their stories. Family and friends shared their perspectives. They were understandably beaming with pride! Their loved one is their own personal star!

Please join me for:

A Potpourri of Dance
Semi-Finals Swing Style

Swinging on a Salsa
Bindi and Derek
You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile

Shaken up with Salsa fun and flair
Fabulous lifts, light, bright, a delight
Uplifting, raining happiness upon the Ballroom

Swinging on a Tango
Nick and Sharna

Portrayed with strength, sizzling chemistry of partners
Expressions depicting overcoming scars of life
Looked and played the part beautifully

Swinging on a Waltz
Alek and Lindsay
America The Beautiful
A Salute to The American Flag Flying in the Breeze

Floaty, flowing confection of a dance, attention to footwork
Noble, respectful, true breathtaking dancing
Majesty and smoothness of a gliding eagle

Swinging on a Contemporary
Witney and Carlos
Drag Me Down
With Rope Prop

Determination of a fighter, bloody good dancing
As if Tarzan had taken on Cirque Du Soleil
Fantastic, artistic ending rope swinging

Swinging on a Dance-Off

Bindi and Derek versus Nick and Sharna
Sambas to Lean On
Winners – Bindi and Derek

Full of content, two beautiful Sambas
Strong with passion and commitment

Carlos and Witney versus Alek and Lindsay
Cha Cha Chas to Fun
Winners – Carlos and Witney

A chest-off, wiggly fun, well-done
Polar opposites of delivery

Swinging on the Very Popular Trios

Sharna, Nick, Peta
Salsa to No Doubt About It

All of Nick was in the dance, most solid on feet
Sharp, stylized, shaking with delight
With swagger, sensational steps and movements
Beautiful beats of trio work, shades of Timberlake and Jackson
Like a dazzling dance party

Alek, Lindsay, Emma
Argentine Tango to Ex’s and Oh’s

Male taking the lead with two hot, sexy women
Fantastic lifts, spectacular trio work
Full of power, steam, sensual, sexy
Showed strength, playing girl against the other
Sure footed, powerfully executed

Bindi, Derek, Mark
Jazz to Resolve
With a Box and a Rope with a Light Bulb

Perfectly in synch, perfectly precise
Bindi – the rope swinging vigorously around neck and body
Ninja Warrior Princess, her light shining brightly
Highly creative, innovative, stunning
Brilliant use of props to convey a story

Carlos, Witney, Karina
Charleston to Booty Swing

Full of swing, super hand choreography
Full of tricks, teasing, tantalizing, tempting
Lots of fun, tight, sharp, clean
Channeling Charlie Chaplain and Ben Vereen
Magnificent, spinning trio lift sequence

We were treated to A Potpourri of Dance! The Ballroom had the atmosphere of electricity, the rafters were shaking with applause! Cheers raining down on The Semi-Finals Swing! Each pair was Swinging on The Star that they are! The beauty of this Ballroom show is the variety they give us each week! We Swing on Our Stars of Dancing Pleasure!

The Finale shows next week promise to be spectacular, stupendous, and star-studded showstoppers! The ever-popular, ever-important Freestyles will be executed by the Finalists! I can’t wait to see what they come up with! They will be full of razzle-dazzle, pizzazzle perfection!

The Monday, 11/23 show airs from 8 to 10. The Tuesday, 11/24 show airs from 9 to 11. The Tuesday show will air from The Grove Center! An ingenious move to take the show out of the studio and on location! I’m sure The Grove will be luminous, replete with the stunning Holiday Tree and other twinkly treasures!

See You Around The Dancing With The Stars Bend!

Written By Lois A Troutman, November 18, 2015