Numerology And Astrology Predictions For The Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Finals

Hi All! Dona and I are back with our new Numerology and Astrology post for Dancing With The Stars Season 21. Long time followers, you might have noticed we didn’t do our Predictions last season. There was just too much manipulation going on that nothing added up like it did in the past as you will soon read by Dona. However, this season is different. For the most part, every week has stayed consistent. It’s funny as Dona was sending me her early Numerology predictions and she was nailing them every week. So, are you ready for our new report? If so, read on and be sure you let us know what you think in comments as this has been a huge work in process all season not to mention a physical and emotional one at the end for us both. We hope you enjoy….

May The Numbers Be Ever in Their Favor!

by @donamadrina

Another season of Dancing With the Stars! And it’s that time again to play around and have some fun predicting who will win. We have some worthy contenders, for sure. So who’s likely to hoist that coveted, sparkly Mirrorball on the 24th? Well, that’s what we’re gonna try to determine through the use of the science and art of numerology. Are you game?

Over the seasons, I’ve attempted to pinpoint and fine-tune the way I “read” the numbers in order to predict the winners, and when I present my findings, I seldom come right out and say who I think they will be. But, if you read between the lines of the charts (i.e. look really carefully), the winners are pretty obvious. Pretty obvious, that is – unless – the-powers-that-be get in there to manipulate the results in some kind of way. You may see some examples of that somewhere along the way in this post too. Hmmm!

So what’s my motivation for predicting winners? Well, why not? It’s fun! ☺ You have to understand that I’m one of those Bachelor/Bachelorette fans who reads all the spoilers on I just enjoy knowing upfront who might come out on top. So, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the challenge of seeing if your predictions are accurate.

This season, I decided to try a different “formula” than the ones I’ve used in the past. Though I’ve gotten fairly good results with the previous formulas, I wanted to find a method that is a bit more accurate. So, a new procedure came to me one day, and I decided to test it out by applying it to Derek Hough’s past five wins. I was looking to see if a pattern emerged that I could use to predict future wins of contestants with more precision. I was delighted to see that a few patterns surfaced.

Before I let you in on my secret discovery, let’s talk about how to read the charts I’ll be presenting in the rest of this blog. As we go, you will see that I say something like “His personal month is a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.” Don’t worry about what a personal month is or what a Life Path is. For your purposes, you just want to know how many NATURAL MATCHES does that person/couple have. That’s the result you’re looking for. Also, some NATURAL MATCHES carry more weight than others, but more about that a bit later.

Here’s The KEY for reading the charts that I present.

NumerologyDWTS21 -1

Now remember, when looking at a chart, you don’t have to try to internalize and understand how everything works to get the feel for what the charts are saying. Just pick up the essence: is there a high probability of success; are things lookin’ good?

Here we go!!!!!!!

So my secret discovery is that in Derek’s past wins his “personal month” ended up being an indicator of his wins. (A “personal month” is a predictor of general trends for a particular month. A “personal year” is a predictor of the upcoming year.) In other words, if his personal month was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path, he won! How’s that for a discovery? Pretty neat, huh? 🙂

So, Derek’s Life Path number (based on his birthday) is a “9,” and the NATURAL MATCHES to a 9 are 3, 6, and 9. So let’s take a look at his wins below.

Win with Amber Riley
Derek’s personal year in 2013 – 1
Derek’s personal month in November 2013 – 3
Derek’s personal month (3) was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path (9)

Win with Kellie Pickler
Derek’s personal year in 2013 – 1
Derek’s personal month in May 2013 – 6
Derek’s personal month (6) was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path (9)

Win with Jennifer Grey
Derek’s personal year in 2010 – 7
Derek’s personal month in November 2010 – 9
Derek’s personal month (9) was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path (9)

Win with Nicole Scherzinger
Derek’s personal year in 2010 – 7
Derek’s personal month in May 2010 – 3
Derek’s personal month (3) was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path (9)

Win with Brooke Burke
Derek’s personal year in 2008 – 5
Derek’s personal month in November – 7
Derek’s personal month (7) was Challenging to his Life Path (9)

Oops! A bump in the road! So Derek’s win with Brooke didn’t follow my formula. But he won with her, so I had to look further. There was no NATURAL MATCH between his personal month and his Life Path. However — his personal year was a “5” and his personal month was a “7.” Bingo! Turns out that 7’s and 5’s are NATURAL MATCHES to each other. So now I had another piece of new data to add to my theoretical formula: looking at personal years and/or personal months are also possible indicators of success.

In my investigation, I also looked at why Derek “didn’t” win in the seasons where we thought he might. Hmmm! That’s a subject best left for another day. However, based on what I had gleaned from studying Derek’s wins, I decided to now look more at the personal months and the personal years of other contestants to determine how they related to their Life Paths and their Attitude numbers. (Attitude numbers play an important part in numerological prediction work too.)

After finding the formula that worked for Derek, I began to further test my new numerological technique by going back and looking at the winners and runner-ups from Seasons 18 to 20. Using the KEY I mentioned above, you will be able to see why the winners ended up winning. You might also realize, that in some cases, there may have been some kind of manipulation going on. I will say I’m not infallible in my “reading” of the numbers, but….I’ve seen some pretty obvious messing with of our favorite “reality show.” Just as in astrology, where the stars impel, but do not compel, so it is with numbers. Numbers haven’t failed me so far, but man’s free will and actions can change “potential.”

In the charts below of past seasons, please know that the Season Numbers do not carry as much weight as the other groupings of numbers. They just add additional information, especially when things are tight.

Lets’ take a look-see. Don’t forget what we’re looking for: how many NATURAL MATCHES or Compatible elements there are. ☺

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NumerologyDWTS21 -2

NumerologyDWTS21 -3

Season 20

NumerologyDWTS21 -5

Interesting how the numbers work, huh? So now let’s take a look at the current season and the contestants that are in the finals. I will show you several charts. The first set of charts is of each contestant and the number of NATURAL MATCHES that I could find for the celebrity and his/her professional partner.

In these charts, the dates November 23-24 (the dates of the night of voting and for the next day’s results show) add an additional piece of info, but they do not seem to carry as much weight as the other information. I’ve found in the past that the numbers for the last two dates have not always been the determinant of wins. That’s why I keep searching for another projection system.

For none of our contestants this season do their personal months have NATURAL MATCHES to their Life Paths as we saw in four of Derek’s wins. So – we have to look further, as we did with his win with Brooke. So here’s another important piece of data: in the hierarchy of importance in the following charts, the first grouping of matches is the most important, followed by the second grouping of season numbers, followed by the grouping of dates, which in degree of importance is the least. Are you ready to start predicting?

NumerologyDWTS21 -6

NumerologyDWTS21 -7

Let’s look at another set of charts! These charts have a bit more information. (By the way, for those who have read my numerology posts in the past, I purposefully have left out “Challenging” numbers this season. I want to see if doing so yields accurate results despite this lack of consideration.) I can tell you that I have followed the numerology of certain of this season’s contestants all season long, and the numbers have seemed fairly accurate. Alexa and Mark, however, had far better numbers than some who are currently in the finals right now. Just throwing that out there.

NumerologyDWTS21 -8

NumerologyDWTS21 -9

Here’s a final look at how all the contestants stack up against each other. In this chart, I’ve removed the dates November 23-24, which are the least weighty considerations anyway. So here’s your final opportunity to weigh in on the contestants.

NumerologyDWTS21 -10

Okay! Is your heading spinning? We’ve looked at a lot of information. ☺ Have you made your predictions? Have you selected a 1st and 2nd place finalist? Head on down to the comments section and let us know what you think. Next week, we’ll find out how accurate you were. Until then, may the numbers be ever in the favor of your favorite couple!

Thanks for reading. 🙂

Vogue: Shew! Reading over Dona’s Numerology, I would say Derek and Bindi are the strongest to win, but, here’s a little Astrology on our Final Four to confuse you and make you wonder on even further! LOL!!

Bindi & Derek:
Bindi was born on July 24th making her a Leo. Derek was born on May 17th making him a Taurus.
Bindi’s Strengths: Energetic, courageous, exciting, dauntless
Derek’s Strengths: Fun-loving, adventuresome, imaginative
Strengths Together: Passionate, exciting, revealing, loving, brings out each other’s wild sides
Weaknesses Together: Afraid of letting go, afraid everything will fly apart

This is a fascinating union. They can have some lows because of their Lion and Bull stubborn nature, but, if they have a way of working it out, watch out as they are equally loyal and devoted, making their union an enduring and strong one no matter what challenges are thrown at them. Both signs are characterized by the traits of determination. Also, when a Taurean and Leo come together, their mental and physical compatibility is phenomenal. Not only that, a Leo-born has a taste for the arts and cultural activities which is complimented by the Taurean quest for creative and intellectual stimulation. Both also have a quest for living life to it’s fullest.

Nick & Sharna:
Nick was born on January 28th. He is an Aquarian (like Courtney and myself). Sharna was born on June 21st. She is a Gemini (like Miss Heidi and Mark Ballas)
Nick’s Strengths: Blossoms early, unique, self-taught
Sharna’s Strengths: Affectionate, objective, compassionate, twin personalities to overcome challenges
Strengths Together: Flamboyant, theatrical, appreciative, all the world is a stage
Weaknesses Together: Cloying, inhibiting

In my experiences, an Aquarian and Gemini union is a great one. Aquarians thrive with Gemini and their twin personalities and they respect their “tell it like it is” nature. Both Gemini and Aquarius also love change. Their conversations and any work together are meaningful, unpredictable, and they aren’t afraid to explore new dimensions. This combination also loves spontaneity as they believe that spontaneity is the spice of life. They both love people and are friendly to the masses. This combination can rule the world.

Alek & Lindsay:
Alek was born on October 10th. He is a Libra, Lindsay was born January 11th. She is a Capricorn (like Carrie Ann Inaba, Karina Smirnoff, and Maks Chmerkovksiy)
Alek’s Strengths: Fair, Insightful, highly-valued, loving
Lindsay’s Strengths: Hard Working, professional, highly physical
Strengths Together: Mutating, dynamic, quick on their feet mentally
Weaknesses together: Stubborn, evasive

Generally speaking, this is a match partnership. The pairing of Libra and Capricorn showcases high intensity with a philosophy of togetherness which helps them overcome any differences. A Libra and Capricorn are perfectionists and each of them will not leave any stone unturned given any challenge if they are equally determined. While Capricorn works on structuring, a Libran will work on the flourishing element. Is this what we’ve seen in these two?

Carlos & Witney:
Carlos was born on August 15th. He is a Leo. Witney was born on October 17th. She is a Libra (like Alek).
Carlos’ Strengths: Commanding, Leader, Creative
Witney’s Strengths: Hard-driving, entertainer, knowledgeable
Strengths together: Relaxed, renewing
Weaknesses Together: Out of sync, inadequate, disagreeable

There can be a lot of conflict with this union. They can both have high expectations for the way they want things. But, both signs are also loyal and devoted with a common goal. They won’t be afraid to work at it and hard. They key though is mutual respect and finding solace in compromises and adjustments. Libra flourishes in beauty all around them. Leos are born leaders and entertainers.

And there you go! Let Dona and I know what you think in comments! Who is a match to win and who isn’t?

To read our past predictions, see this link. To read on Dona’s astrology findings on Derek Hough, see Pure Derek Hough.

Vogue’s sources for Astrology: Horoscopes Love Eu, The Secret Language Of Relationships, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns”