Who’s going to Win DWTS Season 21? New Poll and Discussion Post

Not only who’s going to win, but in what order are they going to finish?? You’ve seen the numbers going into Monday night, and you’ve seen the numerology/astrology. Now, it’s time to share who you think is going to take home the shiny disco ball.

I’m torn, as always, when it comes to picking a winner. EVERY metric that I usually use to decide who’s going to win a given season (and our record is pretty good here, I must say) is telling me that Bindi is going to win. But, by the same token, I can’t get past two things – she’s up against a Backstreet Boy and a National Guard vet/hero AND she has Derek for a partner. The latter is a problem because he’s won five times AND I have to wonder if his fans have gotten complacent. More often than not, this inner struggle I have to decide is when I’m least accurate because I tend to go with the more conservative approach (for me) and say that, despite everything telling me it’s true, that Derek’s partner won’t win. This season, I’m going to break that habit, go out on a limb, and say that Bindi is going to win this thing. Eeep. I hope I didn’t jinx it. I think Alek will be second, Nick third and Carlos fourth. I may revise this when I do the final numbers post of the season on Monday night.

Courtney: And just as Heidi’s conservative side tells her that Derek won’t win again – my conservative side says Alek, my favorite, likely can’t hope for better than 3rd place. But my more analytical side says that he may actually be the only one that is relatively close to Bindi in votes, without needing a bit of a boost from TPTB – he’s never been in jeopardy (although I wonder if that’s more a result of TPTB not wanting to give him an even bigger boost), he’s overcome some fairly significant margins to stick around, and I feel like I’ve only seen an INCREASE in the number of people talking about/actively supporting him as the season rolls on, whereas I usually see a pretty steady drop-off in support of less-skilled dancers as a season progresses. Do I think he’ll win? No, I still think viewers will vote for a legitimately good dancer to win…but I don’t think 2nd place is completely out of the realm of possibility. Especially if TPTB can resist the urge to lowball him significantly in the finale, like they did Noah – but then again, that’s not really a guarantee, is it? Also worth considering: it’s suddenly come to light that Alek will be on the tour – will they cut him some slack and let him finish a bit higher, so as to increase the street cred of the tour in general? So many things to consider – and given that they seemed to throw Nick a bit of a bone by announcing that he may have been the one that would be eliminated, I wonder if they’re going to continue propping him up in the finale…perhaps at the expense of Alek. Right now, I feel comfortable saying that Alek & Nick will likely be duking it out for 2nd place – which one ends up on top will likely depend on where TPTB’s head is at.  Part of me thinks that, if a ton of folks weren’t already voting for Nick BEFORE this past Monday, they probably aren’t going to start now – so I guess I’m hanging it on his current fans to just vote harder to keep him in.  Were they able to do it? Ehhh…I’m not really sure. I don’t think anyone touches Bindi – she seems like a lock for the win.  And I think the Carlos love/slight boost from Alexa’s elim has likely fizzled, and he won’t be able to do any better than 4th place. So I guess my formal prediction is a bit of a composite of Heidi & Vogue’s predictions: Bindi wins, Alek/Nick duke it out for 2nd & 3rd, Carlos brings up the rear.

It’s funny as I’ve had the strongest feeling since night one Bindi and Derek are going to win. I think they’ve had the best dances and the most consistency over all. Every dance has blown me away in some way. Their theatricalness, their power, and their creativity has been astounding. Derek has tried to step it up with something new and different in choreo every week. Bindi has embraced it and every role. She welcomes the challenge for anything Derek throws at her and has met it. They are energetic, exciting, and refreshing. Nick has had his inconsistencies, but, wow, he can bring that Backstreet Boy charm that so many of us longtime fans love. I also love all the emotion and passion he’s brought to many of his dances. So much so, I’ve cried at times. And then there is Alek. I love how he has never given up and I’m sure he wanted to when the gunman hit his college and one of his best friend’s got attacked! Instead, he came right back and even stronger like the hero he is. I love all the muscle in his dancing the most. And what a big splash Lindsay has made. I think she’s one of the best choreographers on the show right now. I haven’t always been a fan to Carlos and Witney all season with their inconsistencies and lacking choreo, but, I admit Carlos’ energy has been infectious and I love his and joy for the dance floor. In the end, I’m going with Bindi and Derek first, Nick and Sharna second, Alek and Lindsay third, and Carlos and Witney fourth.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s going to win (vote below)? How are the rest going to place?