Ballroom With A Twist-mas In Florida With Tristan MacManus, Gleb Savchenko, Elena Samodanova, Chelsie Hightower, Jonathan Roberts

For those living in Florida or wanting to visit, gear up for a Ballroom With A Twist Christmas show which includes performances from Tristan MacManus, Gleb Savchenko, Elena Samodanova, Chelsie Hightower, and Jonathan Roberts. To read on the show, see The Palmbeach Post. For tickets, see The Wick. Oh, if I only lived closer!!


Thu Dec 10 to Sun Dec 13 – Celebrity Pros: Jonathan Roberts, Lacey Schwimmer

Showtimes: Thu Dec 10 – 7:30PM; Fri Dec 11 – 7:30PM; Sat Dec 12 – 2PM & 7:30PM; Sun Dec 13 – 2PM

Wed Dec 16 to Sun Dec 20 – Celebrity Pros: Jonathan Roberts, Chelsie Hightower

Showtimes: Wed Dec 16 – 2PM; Thu Dec 17 – 2PM & 7:30PM; Fri Dec 18 – 7:30PM; Sat Dec 19 – 2PM & 7:30PM; Sun Dec 20 – 2PM

Wed Dec 23 to Sun Dec 27 – Celebrity Pros: Tristan MacManus Gleb Savchenko and partner Elena Samodanova

Showtimes: Wed Dec 23 – 2PM & 7:30PM; Fri Dec 25 -2PM & 7:30PM; Sat Dec 26 – 2PM & 7:30PM; Sun Dec 27 – 2PM

ETA: Ballroom With A Twist-Mas is also coming to Harford County on December 21 at 7 PM in the APGFCU Arena at Harford Community College. Tristan MacManus and Chelsie Hightower will be performing. For ticket information, see this link. Thanks to Claire aka @@clrhmly for the heads up.