Dancing with the Stars Season 21 THE FINALE Night One – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Okay all – this is it. The end of another season. Don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope the dancing is good. πŸ™‚

Because it’s the finale, it’s really important you remember the rule below:

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I’m going to leave comment moderation turned off for now. Behave. πŸ™‚

T-minus 30 minutes…

Here we go…our male pros wearing far more clothing than most of them are used to. πŸ™‚

Carlos foxtrot started out looking like an AT or something, with the walk, the pose, the colors. Wonder if it counts as a lift if she has her hand on the floor but not her feet….

Sexiest foxtrot?? Really, it was a decent dance, but it seems un-foxtrot like – they got hosed by the song.

Alek’s arms are still weird, but he has improved tremendously. Huge lift right in the middle of the dance. Wonder if their coach will call it. Also of note – CAI’s attitude when she was with them was very down.

Heard on All Access – ALEXA is going to be in Carlos’ freestyle. Derek and Bindi are non-stop practicing backstage.

Beautiful flashback to the DWTS of old – Meghan Trainor singing while Peta and Artem dance. Gorgeous.

This Jive from Nick is going in and out. In sync, then out of sync, clean, then messy. If he gets a perfect score for this I call foul.

Yeahhhhh…..guess I can see better on TV. Definitely better than some he’s done, but not perfect.

Come on, Bindi!! Holy crap…I don’t think I breathed during that whole dance. I never would have lasted – unbelievable.

Well, I had a lot more written but I lost it because I can’t update the site because people are refreshing too much.

I will just say that I didn’t really care for either Carlos or Alek’s freestyles, although I liked Alek’s better. Me not liking it could be in large part to being pissed I couldn’t get on the site. Witney borrowed a bit heavily from MOVE Live on Tour, with the lights and the formation at the beginning of hers. And I tended to lose Alek and Lindsay in parts of their dance.

And they change the order. Bindi just got seriously hosed. I’mma be pissed. There better be a damn good reason.

Bindi and Derek slayed that. I’m all weepy now, thanks. Derek putting that photo up there without telling Bindi. Wow.

Er…that’s it?? I mean, it was good, but it was just like a dance he did earlier in the season and totally expected. :::sigh:::

Notice in that last shot the only person with their hands not on the MBT?? Bindi and Derek.

First Safe is Alek…

Then Bindi….

And (as predicted) Carlos and Witney were eliminated.

ETA: Because I’m not sure where else to put this, here are the three dances for the 24-hour Dance Challenge.Β  -Court-

Nick & Sharna – Tango/Salsa
Bindi & Derek – Argentine tango/Cha-Cha
Alek & Lindsay – Tango/? (source only knew that each fusion had tango in it)