Dancing with the Stars Season 21 THE FINALE Night Two – LIVE BLOG (Spoilers)

Who’s going to win!! Not too much longer till we find out. 🙂

Because it’s the finale, it’s really important you remember the rule below:

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T-minus 30 minutes…

LOVED the opening number. Made me get in the Christmas spirit.

Alfonso is rooting for Bindi…and the staging in the Ballroom is hopeful. Don’t disappoint me DWTS.

Holy crap, this show is two hours long?? CRAP.

Kim and Hayes seem like eons ago, actually.  She has less rhythm than I remember. Music is live since the just screwed it up.

I still love you, Victor, you little ball of fun hips. 😀

Haha Tom Bergeron!!

Hayley makes a damn good Maryanne.

That “Carlos, yer gonna die, hahaha” from Alek KILLS me every time. 😀

I see two male pros that I don’t recognize, and one female earlier. Who are these people?

So, Victor redid his dance with the sombrero and it actually stuck this time. 🙂 But did he fall down? I turned away for one second. I was watching Bindi and Derek on All Access.

Andy Grammer singing “Right about now” – great job. Love that song.

Bwah – Gary made those outtakes. Then when his dance is starting him looking at Anna going “WHAT??”

LOVE THIS SONG “Xs and Os” I think it’s called?

Seems like Alexa and Mark’s Breaking Bad dance was danced with more confidence by Alexa this time around. I dug it.

Gary is the reason why little kids cry when they see Santa. 🙂 Loved that bit – Gary as Santa, Paula as Mrs Clause and Victor as an Elf. 🙂

Congrats to Mark Ballas and BC Jean! I think they have a hit on their hands. I’m seriously addicted to that song “Roses and Violets”.

Andy Grammer and Chaka Kahn?? Perfection.  And I love all the dancing going on on this finale – actual BALLROOM. Take notes Rob Wade – there is no reason the whole season can’t be like this.

Okay, the fusion.

First is Nick, who had a rough transition to Salsa and she didn’t really fuse the dances – they actually stopped right in the middle and switched styles.

But of course, Julianne is going to stand up and rave with OTT praise.  It’d give it a 28 or 29, but I imagine it will get a 30.

Lindsay: “Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle, let’s friken dance” LOL

Notice how Alek and Lindsay switched styles without stopping the dance? Pretty damn good. Better than Nick.

I suspect based on what Julianne just said, that they’re leveling the scores tonight, that whole “We have to remember this was 24 hours..”  Okay forget I said that, they just lowballed him. He actually danced better than Nick did.

Bindi makes me fucking cry in her package for a damn ChaCha AT!! This girl!! Unbelievable.

Nick actually has a very good singing voice. Like this song. Showing highlights from all three couples. Very nice.

THIRD PLACE – Alek Skarlatos. I think that 6 point deficit did him in.

And the winner is…


I have to say, Bruno and Julianne lifted Bindi up…even Sharna and and Nick cheered for Bindi. And Bindi almost gives Tony a concussion with the Trophy.  I’m crying.