DWTS Executive Producer Rob Wade Talks On Success Of The Show, Expects 10,000 People At The Grove Tonight

Dancing With The Stars Executive Producer Rob Wade talked with The Wrap about the success of Dancing With The Stars. And note how they are expecting over 10,000 people at The Grove tonight for the Finale.

“We’re expecting to get about ten thousand people there,” executive producer Rob Wade tells TheWrap

“Dancing with the Stars” will wrap its 21st season on Tuesday, making it one of the most successful reality competition shows on television.

According to executive producer Rob Wade, a big part of that was the fact that the show got there first. Having been on the air since 2005, “Dancing With the Stars” laid claim to a space in reality TV very early on, which put its imitators at a serious disadvantage.

“We were just kind of first to the party,” Wade says in an interview with TheWrap. “Being the first one out and the first one that people loved is a huge benefit. I mean there hasn’t been a new reality hit in the competition space in a long time.”

What is the decision process when you’re adding new challenges or changing the show?
I think the main thing is you don’t want to go away from the heart of the show. The show’s format is very strong. So you want to keep the heart of the show. Then you’re finding something which is going to really challenge the celebrities and their dance partner … What makes it interesting is when you throw these challenges at them, because it pushes them out of their comfort zone.

What do you see as the key to the show’s success?

I think at its heart, it’s an entertainment show. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. It’s obviously as well just the basic of just watching people learning to achieve something, and learning to overcome their fears is a very compelling story. People relate to that each season. And it’s a very good entertainment show that people love to watch. It’s fun to watch people dance and laugh and cry and feel emotions for something. It’s got all those aspects to it. It’s a show that can make you laugh, it’s a show that can make you cry, it’s a show that can make you shout at the television. And if you’re getting that reaction from a viewer, it’s usually a good show.

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