DWTS Season 21 Numerology And Astrology Predictions: How did Dona And Vogue Score?

So, how did Dona and I score with our Numerology and Astrology Predictions for Dancing With The Stars Season 21? First, Dona weighs in and then I’ll chime in later….

Do Numbers and Stars Rock, or What?

Hi everyone! Wasn’t that an incredible Season 21 finale!?! For those of you who read my numerology post and Vogue’s astrology post this season, it was pretty obvious that this was Bindi’s season. The numbers and stars spoke pretty loudly about that, didn’t they? It was just a matter of who would be in 4th, 3rd and 2nd place. Before closing out for the season, let’s add some final information to the whole subject of the numbers. Below is another interesting tidbit of information that we thought you’d find interesting.

The Numbers

Derek’s multiple wins on Dancing With the Stars give us plenty of opportunity to look at what “winning” numbers look like. Here’s some additional data about his wins that is almost freaky. It turns out that the date of the “Results Show” has been either a 1, 5, or a 7 day for each of his six wins. Those three numbers are all NATURAL MATCHES to each other and Compatible to Derek’s Life Path or his Attitude number.

But how apropos is it that the numbers 1, 5 and 7 are also NATURAL MATCHES to Derek’s Soul number, which is a 1? Listen up! Soul numbers are derived from a person’s name and speak directly to how a person feels deep within, not necessarily how other people see a person on the outside. Number 1 souls feel fulfilled in life by their own personal victories — and by winning competitions. They like to feel that they have given their best and that they are number one at everything they do. They also want to be treated with respect, and to be accepted for who they are.

Those characteristics above are all pretty descriptive of Derek, aren’t they? And isn’t it amazing that he should win on the dates that are a NATURAL MATCH to his soul number? Hmmm. Coincidence? Well, we humans don’t always understand how things work in the universe, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. I believe that there is some kind of divine order that we just don’t understand.

Numbers rock! Take a look at how this 1, 5, 7 combination played out for Derek, fulfilling his deepest soul’s desirings.

Derek has had 2 wins on a “1” day.
Derek has had 2 wins on a “5” day.
Derek has had 2 wins on a “7” day.

Derek's Wins by Results Show Dates

The Stars

Vogue: It’s so cool because from night one, both Dona and I were on the same page for how this season would turn out. She was sending me her Numbers almost every week and nailing them. Even after finding another revelation above Monday night, she wrote and said, Derek and Bindi are going to win. I just “gulped”. 😯

As for the Astrology end, I was shocked when reading how a Taurean and a Leo’s mental and physical compatibility is “phenomenal” when paired together and that it was. Everything seem to align in their favor. However, Nick and Sharna’s pairing couldn’t be ignored either since an Aquarian and Gemini pairing “can rule the world” and together “all the world is a stage”. Alek and Lindsay’s “hard work ethic” and “perfectionist” characteristics prevailed as well.

Anyway, what a season. I could not be more pleased for the way it turned out….not just because of how the Top 3 placed, but, because for the most part (yes, there were some exceptions as I still question Mark and Alexa’s elimination for one), producers let this season play out without so much manipulation. Congratulations to Everyone!

So, until next season, thanks for reading. ☺

Dona and Vogue