DWTS Peta Murgatroyd Interviewed About Ballroom Dancing And Performing In “Sway”

Peta Murgatroyd talked with the Miami Herald about the new “Sway” show. She says it’s nothing like the Dancing With The Stars tour and it’s more theatrical. She also talks of how fun Ballroom dancing is and how it keeps you in shape. Lots more below….

“Ballroom dancing is no longer a thing your grandparents did, the dorky thing you didn’t want to admit you’re doing,” says Murgatroyd, 29, from rehearsals in Los Angeles. “This is something freaking amazing to do. Keeps you fit and healthy, and it’s an incredible art form that inspires people.”

Sway taps into that feeling and the ballroom revival fueled by the splashy TV dance shows.

“These kind of shows, like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, brought it back for people to fall in love with again. [They have] given children and teens a greater purpose to be creative, so it’s good for the art form,” Murgatroyd says.

Sway, however, is not the Dancing With the Stars Tour redux. It’s more theatrical, Murgatroyd says. Divided into three parts, it delves into the lives of its pro dancers.

Sway opens with a debonair Dovolani leading a production number meant to evoke the nightclub scene of 1940s and ’50s Manhattan.

Val brings an emphasis on hip-hop, street and urban influences to the second act. Then Maks, with Murgatroyd, brings South Beach to the mainland for a fusion of salsa, rumba and cha cha.

“It’s about the three boys — Maks, Tony and Val — and their journeys to America, and what that means to them,” Murgatroyd says.

“It’s amazing because I have no roots in South America. I’m Eastern European, so it’s very strange that I’ve always been drawn to that culture, and it’s kind of exciting,” Maks said.

Murgatroyd, born in Auckland, New Zealand, and raised in Perth, Australia, similarly finds herself attracted to Latin rhythms.

“I must say my favorite dances in the show are during my section,” she says. “I love the passionate, fiery dances. I don’t get to tell my story about coming to America, but I get to do the dances I love like the salsa and rumba and cha cha. I like creating a story when I dance, and those dances do that with love and lust and anger and pain, and the cha cha is cheery. I like exploring those things. Perfect for Miami.”

To read more, see the Miami Herald. Show dates for “SWAY: A Dance Trilogy” is scheduled for December 3-6, 2015 (5 shows) in Miami. For tickets visit: www.swayshow.com.

ETA: Here is Local 10 with a sneak preview and interviews with Maks, Peta, and Rumer….

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ETA2: Below Maks talks with the Examiner. To read the full interview, see this link. Note how they are ending “Sway” after the Miami run and are thinking of touring nation wide and do a different production.

JE: In this installment of “Sway,” You will reunite with your fellow “Dancing with the Stars” Season 18 co-champion: Meryl Davis. What is it like to have the opportunity to work with her once again?
MC: Meryl was a part of the last two SWAY productions. She loves performing with the cast and I love working with her. I think that we try to stay close as friends and maintain this relationship that was developed on DWTS. I think we have succeeded! We have a lot of mutual friends on that stage and she is going to have an amazing time as she did in the last couple of installments.

JE: While Meryl and Rumer Willis (Val’s Season 20 co-champion) will be participating in this go-around of “SWAY,” would you like to have some of your former “DWTS” partners perform in future installments?
MC: (Laughs) I think we are good! I think that SWAY is now in its ultimate form. One of our main goals was not to turn SWAY into a Dancing with the Stars homage. Meryl, Rumer and everybody else from DWTS are characters in SWAY. We are not ourselves, we represent characters that drive our show’s storyline. We asked and attracted people that we thought could fill those roles and that was Meryl and Rumer. Zendaya also has done very well in previous installments, but unfortunately she was unable to participate this time around. There will be opportunities in the future where I could possibly work with my past partners. I am always open to working with them again.

JE: If “SWAY” has a successful run in Miami, would a nationwide tour be in the foreseeable future?
MC: (Laughs) There has always been talk about taking the show nationwide. SWAY was the very first show that a lot of us had in producing a show of this size. We (as a company and creative team) know that we can do it. But, after this SWAY installment, we are going to go back to the drawing board. We have other ideas and scripts on the table that we want to entertain, if we want to go on that side of the business. We certainly feel like that Dance With Me as a production company can tackle a show of this magnitude successfully. However, I think we are going to end the run of SWAY after our Miami performances. These upcoming shows will be sentimental and it will be anchored by the South Beach vibe. It was always our ultimate goal to perform SWAY in Miami! The next step is probably going to involve a different production and that will be focused with a nationwide tour in mind. This show was not born to travel; it was created for us to experiment. This experience was just like baking a cake! The first time you made the cake too big, because you did not know your proportions. (Laughs) SWAY is way too big for both travel and production. We are going to trim it, use some ideas that we did not think that we could tackle and we are going to put on a show for everyone to love and fall in love with.