Is Strictly Come Dancing Dropping Len Goodman? If You Don’t Want Him, We’ll Take Him!

Has Judge Len Goodman been axed from Strictly Come Dancing? I don’t know, but, The Mirror in the UK is reporting Len may be dropped from the judging panel to keep ratings high. WHA? Hey, SCD TPTB, if you don’t want Len, we’ll take him full time. If true (and I question this rumor being this is a tabloid source reporting it), this is age-ism at it’s finest. Let us know what you think…

Len Goodman may be dropped from the panel of Strictly Come Dancing , as producers plan ways to keep the show ahead of X Factor.

BBC bosses are responding to calls from fans who have questioned the relevance of the 71-year-old judge.

Len has presided over the panel since 2004 and also appeared on US version Dancing With The Stars for an impressive 20 seasons. He is due to return for the 22 season.

He recently tweeted: “Back on DWTS season 22. So nice people are welcoming me back. Be careful what you wish for.”

But now the veteran host may be told to waltz away from his UK job in an effort to continue beating X Factor in the ratings war.

One fan tweeted: “Remove sad old Len and replace with weekly guest judges like they do in the US version.”

While another simply asked: “What’s The Point Of Len Anymore?”

Len himself recently said who he would like to take over from him when the time comes.

“Anton would be perfect to take over from me if the time comes and I’m too dithery to carry on – or if they decide they’ve had enough of me,” he revealed.

Strictly have denied to comment on the latest claims.