Sharna Burgess Interviewed On The New DWTS Live Tour, Her Favorite Dancing Moments, And More

Glamour has a cool in depth interview posted with Sharna Burgess! The Dancing With The Stars pro talks on her dancing career, her time on Dancing With The Stars, her most incredible dancing moment, her best friend Peta Murgatroyd, and boyfriend Paul Kirkland. Below she talks on the new Dancing With The Stars tour which is kicking off in Utah tomorrow night (though in case you don’t know, Sharna won’t be dancing since some family health issues came up which you can about in a previous posting).

Glamour: Producers asked you to do the DWTS tour before, so why did you say yes this time around?
Sharna: They asked me to do the summer tour, but I had other commitments and wasn’t ready. I was so emotionally exhausted after that season with Noah because I wanted to make those dances perfect. I wanted time for myself, for my friends, for my relationship, to just be me for a second. Now, though, was [the right] time. I want to meet these people that love our show so much and make it possible for me to do what I love. This show wouldn’t exist without our fans, and I love them so much for that. I think there’s a reason that So You Think You Can Dance isn’t as successful as Dancing With the Stars and that’s because we’re…more about the journey. That, in turn, creates great dancing. Derek and Bindi’s Viennese Waltz was for me as good as any contemporary dance on SYTYCD because of the journey and story and how real it was, whereas on So You Think, it’s about technique and lines, and you don’t feel as much. I feel like that’s where we surpass that. But getting back to why I wanted to do the DWTS tour…

Glamour: You just wanted to live on a bus for two months…
Sharna: Yeah, I was totally excited to be cramped on a small bus with 10 people! [Laughs] No, I wanted people to get to know more of who I am. I think they did over the last year with Noah and Nick, but I’m not just this vixen redhead who can dance really sexy and snap their fingers and flip her hair. I really am that nurturing woman that you see me be with my partners. I want you to smile, and I want this to be your journey. That’s just who I am.

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