Ballroom With A Twist-mas Called “Nothing Short Of Spectacular” (Review)

Be sure to visit The Skip Sheffield. They have some beautiful photos of “Ballroom With A Twist-mas” show in Boca Raton. They also reviewed the show calling it “nothing short of spectacular”. Read on for more…

The dancing, directed and choreographed by Jaymz Tuaileva, is nothing short of spectacular. The real show-stopper is “American Idol” finalist Vonzell Solomon. That girl, aka Baby V, has some fine pipes.

“Twist-Mas” features a live onstage band, with players who double as singers. My favorite is Chantil Dukart, who spent most of her time wearing headphones, hunched over her keyboards. But when she took off the headphones and hit center stage, that girl was on.

While “Twist-Mas” features favorite Christmas themed-songs both sacred (“Silent Night”) and secular (“Jingle Bells Rock”), the main attraction is the dancing, executed by first-class professionals. You even get a question-and-answer session with the headliners.

It’s been a longtime since I took ballroom dancing lessons from the late Miss Betty D’Avray. While the illusion is to look effortless, ballroom dance is deceptively difficult and a lot of work. If you can appreciate that, you will love this show. I know I did.

To read the full review, see The Skip Sheffield. For tickets at more shows in December, see The Wick and The Hartfield Community College.