Photos From DWTS Witney Carson And Carson McAllister’s Winter Wonderland Wedding In Utah

Some photos of Witney Carson’s wedding to Carson McAllister are starting to come out. Below are some instagrams from Witney, Lindsay Arnold, Jenna Johnson, and Emma Slater. Aren’t they beautiful? We’ll post more later or tomorrow. Congratulations and many best wishes to Witney and Carson!!

ETA: More photos have been added below. Also, check out a People Exclusive at this link. You can see some beautiful photos of Witney and Carson. You can also read some exclusive details on the wedding.

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It's going to be a good day ❤️?? #McAllisterwedding2016

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#McAllisterWedding2016 @dance11brooklyn @dance10brittany ?

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such a perfect day #McAllisterwedding2016

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