Shirley Ballas To Write About Her Life, Dancing Career, Teaching Dance, And More

Copy and pasted from Pure Derek Hough! Where can I put my pre-order in?:
What a great read this is going to make. Shirley Ballas has announced at her Facebook page that she is going to write a new book. She plans to write about her entire career. She also plans to write about Mark Ballas….and of course Julianne and Derek. Here is more…

Not many teams achieved such wonders and went through so many ups and downs.

Including Changing partners. Having a baby. (Back then no one did that) then traveling all over the world for Marks first ten years with him. He was always the star of the show.

Sometimes we forget , but I feel proud of all I achieved and learnt in this industry I love so very very much.

For all the memories the tears and laughter I thank all those who where part of my journey.

I have been asked to write my book about a young girls life from the beginning in this industry. How I survived it. What I learnt. To the raising of Mark Derek and Julianne to all my relationships. I will be penning my life and the people who passed through my life. And the loyal and honest ones who remain in my life. The reasons why some passed through and some stayed. And course much much more. Exciting

Be sure to read her full announcement here.