PureDWTS Questionnaire: What Makes A Dancing With The Stars Season The Most Successful And More Questions!

How about a new PureDWTS Questionnaire? All you have to do is answer the questions below to your best ability or for what comes to your mind first. Thanks to DWTSGossip for the first two questions. Have fun and we can’t wait to read your thoughts. Meet you in comments!!

1. What makes a Dancing With The Stars season the most successful in your opinion?

2. Should dancers be a teacher or a choreographer first before they can become a Pro on Dancing With The Stars?

3. What are your three most memorable dances from last season? You can name more if you want.

4. If you could have one female pro and one male pro from the past dance in the new season of Dancing With The Stars, who would you choose?

5. What one thing do you wish Dancing With The Stars would add to the show next season?

Bonus Question and in honor of the Golden Globes last night: At this time, who are your favorite actors/actresses?