PureDWTS Season 22 Cast Rumors: Trisha Paytas…Possible Hint, or Just a Wannabe?

It’s still pretty damn early for the season 22 rumor mill to be churning out anything really significant, but this post from YouTube personality Trisha Paytas on Instagram yesterday gave me pause:

getting my workout in with @seanvanderwilt #DWTS #2016

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My gut tells me she’s probably either just joking or is subtly trying to express interest in being on the show, but given that DWTS kinda branched out last season by tapping a Vine star like Hayes – is it really too far-fetched to assume that they might try to cast a YouTube personality within the next few seasons? Or that they might have reached out to a few already? Trisha’s been around for awhile, and has a large following – plus she’s put out some music on iTunes (and some accompanying music videos, which is most likely what she was rehearsing for here), has published several books, and has appeared on shows like America’s Got Talent, Dr. Phil, and My Strange Addiction…so she’s got a lot of irons in the fire.

That being said – the one potential caveat I can see with her in particular is that she’s refreshingly (at least in my opinion) open about her sex life, and the fact that she used to work in the sex industry.  Might not really jive well with the more conservative-leaning audience of DWTS.  Thoughts?