DWTS2016 Brittany Cherry Interviewed On The DWTS Live Tour, The “Thinking Out Loud” Video, And More

Dancing With The Stars Troupe member Brittany Cherry talked with The Dayton Daily News. She talks of the new Dancing With The Stars Live Tour. She mentions the Cinema portion of the show which is so incredible!! She also talks on “So You Think You Can Dance” and doing Ed Sheeran’s video “Thinking Out Loud”. Fascinating….

“We’ll all be running around the entire time,” she said. “There’s also a cinema portion that recreates songs from famous movies. I’ll be in the James Bond one.”

Dancing since she was 3 years old, Cherry broke through at 19 on Season 10 of “So You Think You Can Dance,” which she described as a “brief but awesome experience.” She was the first to be cut after making the Top 20.

“Doing the Afro-jazz number my first week on the show was really fun and challenging,” she said. “I’m from Utah, and that took me really far out of my comfort zone.”

It’s not uncommon for “SYTYCD” alumni to land on “Dancing With the Stars” as a pro dancer, though Cherry has been working on the show in various capacities for several years since appearing on the kids’ version of the competition at 13. She has been a full-time pro dancer on the show for two seasons now.

“ ‘SYTYCD’ makes you really well-rounded,” she said. “That’s good for ‘DWTS,’ because you do all different kinds of dancing.”

Cherry acquired a bit more fame when she did a ballroom dance with Ed Sheeran for the video to his hit song “Thinking Out Loud.” In a social media post, Cherry jokingly recollected she was a little wary because she didn’t know Sheeran’s level of skill as a dancer, whether he a was more of the “fist-bump and twerking” type.

“We went backstage and had him move around, lift me, just show what he could do, and we choreographed the whole thing based on that,” she said. “The theme was that I was taking him through this, and he wanted to dance through the entire video. He’s a hard worker and one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. It’s my favorite job.”

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