PureDWTS Exclusive Interview With Dancing With The Stars Lindsay Arnold!!

One thing we wanted to do in this off season was talk with pro Lindsay Arnold for the big mark she made on Dancing With The Stars last season. She sealed so many of us as big fans now not only for her sweet and humble personality, but, for the dancer, teacher, and choreographer she’s become. In a new PureDWTS interview below, Lindsay talks all about the last season of Dancing With The Stars. John was able to ask her so many cool questions on her most favorite dance in her career, whether she’ll be back for the next season of Dancing With The Stars, her thoughts on the pros using outside choreographers for some of their dances and so much more. She also talks with us about the new Dancing With The Stars Live Tour and how different it is this time from previous shows. Enjoy and THANK YOU LINDSAY for your time! We hope you are back as a Pro for Dancing With The Stars Season 22!! For Tickets to see Lindsay on the Dancing With The Stars Live “Dancing All Night” tour, see DWTStour.com.