Counting Down To “Grease Live”, More With DWTS Julianne Hough And The Cast

Enjoy some more Grease Live goodies below. I love how Eve Plumb is in the show. THREE more days and counting….

ETA: See Billboard for a really cool new feature and photos. Thanks to Lori for sending and all of her help with Julianne and Grease Live news these past few weeks.

ETA2: I’m loving the instagram Derek Hough posted yesterday. You can see it below too.

ETA3: Updated with Hand jive tutorial.

ETA4: Variety interviewed Julianne. Be sure to see the full interview at this link.

ETA5: See all new LIVE Pics featuring full Costumes in a Photo Flash at

ETA6: Go straight to E Online if interested and if you still haven’t had enough. More photos, video footage, comments from the costume designer, cast, and more.