More Julianne Hough “Grease Live” Interviews, Rehearsals Footage, Sunset Strip Performances, And More

Two more days and counting down until “Grease “live”. Below are more interviews and rehearsal footage. Thanks to Abby for the Entertainment Weekly video. She says it has more of the Sirius interview that we posted yesterday. You can also view some Grease Live performances on the Sunset Strip. Also, be sure to tune into the Rachel Ray Show today. Julianne is one of her guests. Video should be posted here a little later.

ETA: Oh and one more thing. The New York Post reports come rain or shine, the live show will go on. The cast is ready for anything.

In the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants chaos that is live television — and which in some of NBC’s previous TV musicals has made the hate-watchers call out every misstep on Twitter — “Grease: Live” has chosen to embrace its live theater roots by design. Under director Thomas Kail, who helmed the Broadway smash “Hamilton,” viewers will the see the backs of sets and actors changing costumes; the prologue (with Jessie J performing the theme song) will feature her walking among the stages and props on the backlot.

“If it’s raining we’re going to see rain; if it’s sunny we’ll see sun,” production designer David Korins (who also worked on “Hamilton”) tells The Post. “So much of TV and film is about control. In doing it this way, we give up control. We accentuate the now of it.”

“Grease: Live” aims to use the best elements of stage (rotating sets, sliding walls) and film (camera tricks to recreate the Thunder Road car race) in its three-hour TV production. Two songs from the original Broadway production not in the classic 1978 movie are included: “Freddy, My Love,” and “Those Magic Changes.” Choreography (by “Glee’s” Zach Woodlee) has been updated, like the T-Birds’ classic arm movements in “Greased Lightning.” But, for the most part, “Grease” still lives in the innocent 1950s.

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ETA3: Lori found a cool new feature at Playbill. It’s full of photos, cast info, and more. Also, Variety has a good read as well on what Grease Live will do that no other musical live production has done before.