Dancing with the Stars Season 22 – Confirmation on Jodie Sweetin’s Participation

I’ll take this as confirmation. I had my doubts when Candace was talking like she was going to be on the show, but this kinda settles it for me. We first reported on her wanting to dance back in Season *12*, if you can believe it! Back then she wanted to dance with either Derek or Maks. Latest report from us was just a few weeks ago. DWTSGossip found this little tidbit first. Guess we know who Val’s dancing with. Our article from Season 12 indicated that she’s been dancing since she was three.

ETA: Need to read my own notes better. As I said back then, she’s a ringer if she continued dance lessons into adulthood. Dancing as a child isn’t enough to get the ringer tag. But dancing with Val may be telling enough. 🙂