Mischa Barton Blogs for People Magazine about Week 1 of DWTS Season 22

Nice, honest blog from Mischa. If she can show this type of vulnerability during the show, I may have to revise my initial thoughts on her chances. Here’s an excerpt from People, click the link to read the whole thing.

I’d gone to ballet classes when I was growing up, but all of a sudden I was working with a professional dancer who is an expert at all types of dance. Artem would show me a sequence and expect me to pick it up, but all I could do was start laughing because it was so overwhelming.

But Artem didn’t let up or take it easy on me, and I appreciate that. He can be tough and strict, but he’s never mean. I don’t mind that he’s a little hard on me because I know that means he’s taking this seriously just like I am. It’s nice to work with someone who is as committed to their career as I am.

But I also have to keep reminding myself that we can’t work ourselves too hard. We have really long days in the rehearsal studio, and I’ve had to work on taking more breaks because I’ll realize I haven’t eaten all day and I’m getting moody and hangry because of it.