Dancing with the Stars Season 22, Week 2 – Live Blog!! (Spoilers)

Okay, what I’m going to be looking for this week is Jodie and Ginger – will their pros do a better job for them this week in terms of choreo and content? I’m also looking for that typical fall from grace that often happens in week 2 when there is less time to rehearse – who will fall victim to this pseudo curse? πŸ™‚

I suppose that was a Mandy Moore special? Tiny bit better than anything she’s done recently.

WTF Geraldo??

Oh dear, Jodie. Deep breath. It’s only week 2 and you have a shot. Come on Keo, show us what you’re made of.

Okay, I liked Jodie – better choreo this week but she’s moving a little delicately at times.

Did Len just self censor himself from saying “Me old sausage” and if so, why?

Marla’s diet sounds…horrible. And Tom, lay off the Donald references. She’s more than that. Thank god.

:::sigh::: Several problems with this dance that are totally UN-surprising. Way too soft for an AT – which is a problem that most of Tony’s partners have. Plus the choreo was boring – I don’t think Tony has done many AT’s. Agree with Bruno, for sure.

Overscored compared to Jodie for sure.

What? Val might be shirtless?? How…shocking. :::dead pan:::

Well, that was appalling. Really Geraldo, pander much? Along with many American’s worst nightmare in dance form…And I’ll leave it at that.

Len’s in a good, kiss ass mood tonight. I predict it will last until about Mischa’s turn…

Paige must be threatening the “Plan” – crappy running order two weeks in a row now. Guess I’ll have to vote for her harder. Sorry Wanya and Nyle.

Great dance from Paige and Mark puts several to shame with some stellar choreo. I sure hope he’s not out for the season. He’s one of the few hopes I have for interesting dances. Paige was appropriately scored, but if anyone gets a 9 tonight I might cut someone. And her running order is disastrous.

Surprising running order for Sharna and Antonio – it’s not the top of the hour yet.

And I’m reminded why I’m not a rumba fan. It’s hard for me to get excited. I think he did well, although his back end was sticking out a bit. Choreo? Eh. It was all right I guess.

Wow, the lift police work on someone other than Derek!! Miracle of miracles.

Love Kim so much. So much energy, personality – and Sasha is awesome. Bummed she had that mistake at the end – I’ll have to vote for her along with Paige. πŸ™‚

I think I called Nyle’s running order when I rearranged the couples in the “Who’s dancing” post. Good choice. Him and Kim are good “top ‘o the hour” couples and it bodes well for both of them, I think.

Not a bad score for Kim. I’ll take it, all things considers.

Okay, so Nyle is doing extremely well with the voters, clearly. I do understand what Len was saying – and I knew he wouldn’t like that dance. But I think that was better danced, more complicated, and more compelling than what Sharna and Antonio did with their rumba – and he can HEAR the music. That was a very nicely done rumba – and HARD. Peta didn’t cut him any slack at all. I’m quite proud of her.

And those EYES…they are indeed “tractor beams” sucking everyone in. If this keeps up, they may want to get over their desire for Sharna to have an MBT to match her BFFs.

Oh Mischa. You poor thing. It’s hard to watch you and I don’t think Artem is helping much.

Von cracks me up. I like him better than Antonio. He and Witney look hilarious together.

Okay, that was very cute. Witney’s actually making pretty good use of their size difference. He does have moments where he moves very naturally, but I did agree with CAI on that he moved small at times.

Fantastic dance from Wanya and Lindsey – and she put in some intricate moves yet still made it into the ultimate party dance. Dang. I have too many favorites this season. This is going to be hard…

Wow! Great job Karina on that Paso with Doug!! Very well done. He’s not a natural mover but man, she taught him to dance! And he’s still so handsome. πŸ™‚

Damn. I have too many people to vote for. Never thought I would say that.

Love Ginger’s dress and her hair. She’s so cute. It’s a shame about her partner. πŸ˜‰

You know, Ginger did a good job with that dance…once it got started. It’s like her partner can’t help himself but put in a complete lack of dancing for the first several bars. WTF is wrong with the C-bros that they don’t choreograph for bars into the dance. Gotta agree with Len in that case.

Len giving Val undeserved props for “recognizable steps”. Um…congrats?? Kinda damning with faint praise. I do get the feeling they aren’t going to get undeservedly high scores….And I was right. Three 7s – although if it were some other celeb Len’s would have been a 6.

In Jeopardy: Mischa, Geraldo and Doug.

Eliminated?? Geraldo and Edyta.

How did we do here at PureDWTS??
I called Geraldo.
Courtney said Geraldo.
Vogue said Mischa in the Power Rankings comments.

Next week is “Most Memorable Year” and we’re getting Tootie from Kim. What say you all?

ETA a public service announcement: No, I don’t actually know, based on what Tom said, if that was all jeopardy or a real bottom 3. Not only was Tom garbling his words (a sure sign that the voices in his head are confused), but he said BOTH jeopardy and “bottom 3”.