No Matter What Happens On DWTS, Mischa Barton Has A Newfound Love Of Dance (New Blog)

No matter what happens tonight or in future weeks when she get eliminated, Mischa Barton writes on what she has learned and how she has a newfound love for dance. Below is more on her journey this week as she and Artem prepared for their new dance. From People….

To top it off, we’d been rehearsing to a track but with the live band in the ballroom, I couldn’t hear the beat. After the show, I was actually talking to [former DWTS contestant] Joey Fatone and he was telling me that I have to pair the steps to the lyrics because that’s a common thing that happens on the night of the show.

So, I learned my lesson on that one.

And that’s actually how I’ve been able to move on and have fun this week: I’m learning and growing.

I am a perfectionist, so it has been hard for me to struggle at times during this process. But Artem has been working with me on letting things go and just focusing on having fun.

And it’s working. Things that used to take me two days to learn are now taking me just two hours.

This week we are all telling the story of our most memorable years and we are doing a foxtrot to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.”. I chose that song because I wanted to dance to something that was pure fun.

It also is a song that was released during the year I’m featuring: the year The O.C. ended and I moved to Europe.

It’s been really interesting to reflect on that time in my life. That was a transformative time, just like this experience has been.

There has been a huge learning curve for me while working on this show. I think reality TV is a little tougher for me than I thought it would be. I know I’m not like every other contestant that has been on this show. But I’ve presented a very honest honest version of myself and I have developed a deep mind-body connection and an inner-strength that I hadn’t found before.

If we get voted out this week, or in the coming weeks, I know I’ll carry that – and a newfound love of dance – for the rest of my life.

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