Nyle DiMarco Interviewed On Dancing With The Stars, He Had Bad Dreams At First

Be sure to pick up a copy of In Touch Weekly Magazine if interested. Dancing With the Stars contestant Nyle DiMarco how he’s never let being deaf hold him back from something he wanted to do. However, he was scared when he was asked to do Dancing With The Stars. Below he explains…

“I’ve always thought I could do anything. Growing up, my mom used to say ‘challenge’ was my middle name,” Nyle says via an interpreter. “I sailed the whole East Coast. I traveled the world alone. Being deaf doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Nyle confesses that he had no previous experience in dance before this opportunity.

“When they asked me to be on the show, I was scared! I had bad dreams about it. I was like, ‘Can I do this?!’”

“This is new for me, but I’ve never felt any barriers or limitations — and I love a challenge!” says the single star, who’s proficient in sign language and lipreading.

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