Paige VanZant Is Hoping To Rebound Monday Night On Dancing With The Stars (New Interview)

Paige VanZant is hoping to rebound Monday night on Dancing With The Stars. Below is more from TV Guide.

“It felt really scary being at the bottom,” she tells “I need to continue to remind the fans to vote even when I do get a good score because everything counts. It challenged to me work harder this week.”

Believe it or not, she doesn’t attribute her childhood dance training to her strong performances so far. “A little bit of my dancing is helping, but I’ve never done any ballroom dancing with a partner. Dancing with a partner is different. In fighting you have to work against your opponent and counter what they are doing. With dancing you have to pretty much copy what your partner is doing.”

Since it’s a new experience, she doesn’t get too bummed about when it’s not going her way. She’s used critiques to improve, but what she sees as her biggest challenge isn’t the same one as what judges see. “My biggest challenge is missing my teammates,” she said, adding that she hasn’t been with them since Dancing began.

More than anything, she’s trying to simply enjoy it. Unlike, say, Wanyá Morris — who has been unabashed in his desire to win from the beginning — VanZant is just grateful to be on the ride. “I’m in the competition to have the best experience. It’s not about [competition] for me, just making the most of each week.” That said, she’s not going out without a fight. “I’m not ready to go home yet. I still feel like I have a statement to make.”

To read the full article, see TV Guide. And isn’t this a beautiful move?