Dancing with the Stars Season 22, Week 7 – Live Blog!! (Spoilers)

In case you missed it, George P tweeted the dance order and I have updated the Who’s Dancing post. Based on that, I think perhaps my guess that the entire Men’s team will be called safe might be wrong. I suppose they could still do it, but I’m less certain. 🙂

Here’s to hoping for some good dancing!!

Man, the opening pro numbers just don’t have the pizzaz that they used to have. See seasons 5 or 6 for good examples.

Complaining about your scores is nearly a sure fire way to get Len’s knickers in a twist. 🙂 You can tell Keo is friends with Val and Maks by the opening of that dance.

Not sure how I felt about that dance, really – seemed like there were a few stops and starts, and that perhaps the feet were…weird. But it’s hard to tell with that dress.

Two 9s and an 8…not sure how I feel about that. Actually, maybe I’m just bored with DWTS. That opening did nothing for me.

LOL Sasha. 🙂 Poopin’.

Kim looks beautiful, as usual, and I think that was a really good dance. I do think she was underscored last week relative to some of the other crap (Ginger) we saw. Len will not like the absence of some of the standard steps.

A little too much gushing and Len’s comments make me afraid I was right about the elimination.

Yeah, the 9’s are too much. Not a single samba roll – Derek would have earned a 7 from Len for that alone.

The Judges are a tad delusional ain’t they? Poor Nyle – I knew he was joking, but I’m afraid most people don’t put themselves in someone else’s shoes nor do they pay attention.

Nyle’s dance was, again, good….but a bit boring, I think. What is the deal? No one is wowing me tonight. There’s no pizazz. Even the standard dances in the old days were exciting.

I think they’ve had more scoring trouble this season than the previous 21 seasons – so what the hell is the deal?? I’m going to watch the show back and look to see if Bruno is doing his own marking.

Boy oh boy, the edits that Saint Antonio is getting these days.

Don’t you just love it when the camera is on their feet and they screw it up?? Can’t say I cared much for that dance. I saw quite a few mis-steps. And the music wasn’t right IMO.

Yeah, that’s why they went to the huge disco ball – Sharna was having a wardrobe malfunction. 🙂

That score is about right! They’ve all worked hard, Sharna.

I did an instant replay and yep…the scandalous nipple made an appearance. Big F’n deal – I swear.

Okay, the bad Wanya edit didn’t come to pass like we feared. Good on him for trying to free up his schedule, particularly if they were adding to it.

LOVED that routine. It has a couple issues, but my favorite of the night!! And, best compliment I can give – that’s how Derek would have choreographed that dance to that music. It was fun, it was lovely – I dug it.


UNDERSCORED!! I loved that dance. Everything was seeming so boring up to that point. And I’ve been voting for Paige!!

Hmmmm….I wonder if the men are going to win the team dance since they’ve all been relatively nitpicked tonight in the individual round. Where’s my tinfoil hat? 😉

Well, that was just beautiful!! Possibly Val’s best choreography since Season 18’s Argentine Tango with Meryl. Very well done. Beautiful. I loved it.

I probably would have given it a 29 for a thrown away arm, but I can’t complain too much. I tend to prefer Wanya by a mile, but he had a few bits of sloppiness.

Really liked Von and Witney too!! Fantastic ending lift. Witney might be finding her groove, but Von isn’t as talented as Wanya – but good job!

WOW!! That was one HARD Jive that Mark choreographed for Paige and she knocked it out of the park. One sync issue, but DAMN – hardest, most ambitious dance of the night and she should get a 30 just for that.

Excellent!! I must say though, that Ginger’s dance really doesn’t seem like a 30 after seeing Paige’s…

Okay, I really enjoyed Team James Brown – largely thanks to Nyle and Wanya who just have the personality and swag to kill it.

Glad they got at least one 10. That was well done. Not overly difficult beyond the sync which was great.

I think that dance was good in concept, but not executed as strongly as the Men’s team. I think it was more difficult, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Two 8s and a 9 seem fair.

Oh boy, here we go.

In Jeopardy….

Kim and Sasha
Wanya and Lindsay
Von and Witney (oh boy)

Wanya and Lindsay are called safe. Kim was in total shock – Sasha isn’t experienced enough to have warned her.

How did we do?? Well, Vogue was right on target and Courtney and I were half right and had Von as a second choice.

Heidi: Kim and Jodie

Courtney: Kim and Jodie

Vogue: Kim and Von!