Private Members Area – DWTS Season 22 Week 7 Discussion

It’s time for the Dancing with the Stars Season 22 week 7 and you know what that means. Time to enjoy some friendly, educated banter with the Pure DWTS Insiders. If you’re not a Pure DWTS Insider yet, you can do so here. If you are, then I look forward to the discussion in the comments.

Time to let it all out (sometimes literally since this is the private members area). What did you think of this week’s episode? What was your favorite part? Let’s relive some of your favorite moments or comments.

What did you think of Icons night? Do you like the new theme?

How about the team dances? Did Team James Brown or Team Beyonce win in your book? I don’t know why people are making this out to be the battle of the sexes. There are 4 guys and 4 girls on each team. Just saying.

Anyway…let er rip!!!