Allison Holker Reviews Dancing With The Stars Week 7

Allison Holker is a full time Mother currently, but, that didn’t stop her from reviewing Dancing With The Stars Week 7. She chose Peta and Nyle’s dance for “highlight of the night”. She thought the “best dance of the night” went to Val and Ginger. You can read her full blog at Yahoo.

We are midway through the Dancing With the Stars season and tensions are high, competition is tough, and the true finalist are starting to reveal themselves. Up until now every couple has had their own highs and lows or great stories to tell, but now each week we are looking for more. We expect the celebrities to grow in the syllabus of dance. We are looking for details in style and technique in each dance, and of course high-class performances. It’s in this week we as an audience decide who we hope to see stay until the end.

The celebrities are under a lot of pressure this week. They have to learn two dances, one dance with their pro and one team dance — in this case, it’s guys vs. the girls. Not only that, but two couples had to leave the competition. Everyone is exhausted, competitive, and starting to realize how much they really want to win that mirrorball trophy. It happens every year — each competitor is having fun learning something new, but now the stakes are high and they want to win. But who has what it takes? Let’s discuss.