PureDWTS Season 22 Week 7 Scores, Media, And Interviews After Dance Night

What another great night of dancing. Some of the dances last night really blew me away. I especially loved Mark and Paige. They were my fave of the night. They brought on the FIRE. I loved Wanya & Lindsay and Nyle & Peta’s dances too. Von & Witney were one of my favorites as well. I am so sad to see them leave. They had the entertainment factor in spades and I’m a new Von fan now. What a run for Sasha and Kim too. They should be so proud for everything they did on that dance floor and I will cherish their kindness and fun approach every week.

Ok, let’s review the scores again….

Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas (Jive) 10-10-10 for a Total of 30
Ginger Zee & Valentin Chmerkovskiy (Viennese Waltz) 10-10-10 for a Total of 30
Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd (Foxtrot) 10-9-9 for a Total of 28
Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold (Foxtrot) 9-9-9 for a Total of 27
Kim Fields & Sasha Farber (Samba) 9-9-9 for a Total of 27 (eliminated)
Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe (Quickstep) 8-9-9 for a Total of 26
Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess (Tango) 8-8-8 for a Total of 24
Von Miller & Witney Carson (Salsa) 8-8-8 for a Total of 24 (eliminated)

Onto some media, recaps, and interviews: First, see People, Glamour and ABC7 for some quotes from some of the couples, highlights, and photos. People may have more a little later, so keep checking the link.

WTAE also has a fun backstage report and they interviewed Antonio. Note that Antonio’s coach was there last night.

Also, if you missed any of the DWTS All Access interviews last night, see Stormy’s sites here and here. @Jimmbboe’s twitter account last night was lighting up the masses being Karina was one of the hosts (along with Tony) and she looked beautiful.

Entertainment Tonight has some highlights:

FOX411 interviewed Lindsay on Sharna’s nip slip:

Brown and Burgess didn’t speak with the press after the show due to rehearsal. However, dancer Lindsay Arnold told FOX411 the wardrobe malfunction was unfortunate—but also an occupational hazard on “DWTS”.

“That’s a bummer because nobody wants to have that happen on live television,” said Arnold, who partners Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris this season. “But the fact is that it happens sometimes and as pros we have to make sure to get through the dance and not let it affect the celebrity and I’m proud of her for just pushing through it and I mean, it happens. It does. Nothing is going to be perfect and this show is insane. I mean, we are changing [constantly]. Tonight, we each had three different costumes.”

Arnold added, “We use tape to keep things in. We do our absolute best.”

More at FOX411.

Oh and there are a couple of good reads on Keo Motsepe that were released late yesterday at Wonderwall and Just Jared Jr. I didn’t realize Keo was a Prince. This take is from Wonderwall. Be sure to read both links for more.

The 26 year old knows that when it comes to “Dancing With the Stars,” being a good dancer means nothing if you’re not a good teacher: “It’s pointless if you know that your partner is a visual learner and you keep on explaining details to her and you tell her big words,” he says. “She’ll look at you like, ‘What’s going on? Explain to me clearer and after explaining to me, show me! Like, dance it in front of me.'”

Fortunately, Keo has his partner figured out. “Jodie is a visual learner,” he says. “And I’m very practical. I’ll use stuff in the room — I’ll use chairs or tables to show her [the chorepgraphy]. I’ll use the story producers or the camera guys in the room, like, ‘Come here, I just want to show Jodie what I mean when I want her to hold me.’ So then she gets it. She watches it and goes, ‘Oh, that’s what you mean. OK, great!’ That’s how I teach her: I explain and then I show her.”

Witney Carson also answered a few questions from fans at Just Jared Jr. in her new blog. I liked this part on Von….

How is your friendship/partnership with Von now, since you’ve been in the competition for so many weeks?

Witney: It’s grown so much over the past few weeks! We really have developed a bond that I think will last for a long time. He’s like my brother/child (lol)

What has been your most memorable moment this season?

Witney: My most memorable would have to be Michael Jackson for Famous Dances week. It was so stressful and so much pressure, but we did it! It was definitely the most rewarding.

More at Just Jared Jr.

FOX News also interviewed a few of the couples.

DiMarco said backstage that he felt he’d had “a moment of redemption” during the rehearsal footage.

The buff model is taking good care of himself physically and mentally, as he’s ramped up his “DWTS” diet: “I’m starting to eat chicken and eggs for breakfast. I have to. I can’t afford to lose any more weight.”

Meanwhile, the pairings of Ginger Zee/Val Chmerkovskiy and Paige VanZant/Mark Ballas brought the ballroom house down by scoring perfect 30s.

VanZant and Ballas did an energetic tribute to Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary,” complete with a triple cartwheel at the end, while Zee moved fans with a Viennese Waltz to Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.”

After the show, Zee raved, “We had a perfect score! It is so exciting. It was an amazing night.”

“Good Morning America” meteorologist Zee gushed about Michael Strahan joining the show, “Michael’s an amazing man. I love having him; we’ve obviously already had him and going forward, to have him more, even better.”

Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris and partner Lindsay Arnold still look like strong contenders, getting 27 for their foxtrot.

In footage, Morris was shown getting upset when his management team scheduled events which impacted his “DWTS” rehearsals.

“It’s good for [people] to see how much of a human being you are,” he later told reporters of the candid camera stress.

And here is a bit with Wanya after the show from WIKY

Backstage, the highly competitive singer told ABC Radio he wasn’t angry over not getting three 10s from the judges. “Never upset…what it does is just…gives us something to drive for,” he said.

When asked if juggling DWTS and his concert commitments are creating any tension between him and his Boyz II Men bandmates, Wanyá insisted, “If life hasn’t broken up Boyz II Men, Dancing with the Stars doesn’t have a chance.”

Ok, keep checking back. We will post more media and interviews later if more comes out. Thanks for reading!! ~Vogue xxx

ETA: Below are a few interviews from E Online. You might want to stop these from playing while you listen to one of them. I’m liking this interviewer better than the previous one…

ETA2: Below is Sasha and Kim on The View today….


ETA4: ET is reporting Paige and Alan Bersten are dating. Awww, they would make a cute couple if true.

Since their dancing debut, VanZant and Bersten have been spotted looking like they’re definitely more than friends at the weekly DWTS after-parties at Mixology 101 in Los Angeles. The duo keeps the PDA to a minimum, but they’re always are seen arriving and leaving the parties together with smiles on their faces.