Dancing With The Stars Mid-Week Media Starter: Interviews, Backstage Goodies, And Blogs

Lots coming up today! For starters, below are some interviews from Extra after the Dancing With The Stars Monday night! Awwww, I’m going to miss Von & Witney and Kim & Sasha!! Keep scrolling down…

Amma Slater also wrote a review of the dances at Hollywood Life. She was sad about the eliminations like we were. I love what she said on Sasha. Be sure to read the link for more as she wouldn’t have given any 10’s. There’s a cute photo of her and Sasha too. She also talks on seeing Alek Skarlatos.

Sadly though, Kim & Sasha were eliminated along with Von & Witney in a double elimination. I’m so sad that their journey has come to an end but I can’t help but be proud. Kim will look back and reflect on her season with such fond memories. It might be hard to swallow now, eliminations are horrible no matter what. I know she has made a life long friend in Sasha. And even if she tried, she wouldn’t be able to escape his daily texts! He’s quite persistent. I’m very proud of them both for their incredible season. As for Sash in particular, watching him as a pro this season was incredible. It meant so much to him. He truly deserves to be there based on his skill alone but then he has something else too. He’s a cheeky charmer who has a unique fun personality. He completely dotes on his partners and gives them the earth. It’s so refreshing to see this funny banter shine through. Sometimes you don’t get to see the soft, caring side to Sasha between the jokes, pranks and selfie faces (which he’s notorious for!!). However this season I think the people at home got to see more of him. The support he’s received has truly overwhelmed him. So thank you for that. Sash, I’m so proud of you.

Lastly, don’t miss reading Sharna’s new blog at Extra. She writes on her wardrobe malfunction. She also says Antonio is more driven than ever.

Antonio has a new focus and drive in this competition. He has fully switched gears and is ready to give this absolutely everything he’s got. He is willing to fly wherever he needs to go to ensure he can have practice with his quarterback, and trying to make it to rehearsals. Antonio Brown wants this. I have to say even though I think we should’ve had nines last night, the fact that we still have not had our perfect score is really driving him.

For anyone that knows Antonio Brown’s story, he was a sixth round pick in the NFL. He got looked over five times before that. He is someone that does smile in the face of adversity and that does drive from the bottom to dominate his competition. I feel that can directly correlate back to his experience on the show. For the first five weeks, no one was really too sure about his abilities and his drive. But now in Week 6 and 7, he has shown his improvement and how ready he is to take it to the end.

Speaking of Antonio, 247 Sports reports he went straight to training after Monday night.

Make no mistake, football is still Antonio Brown’s top priority.

On Monday, just hours after appearing on “Dancing with the Stars” in Los Angeles, Brown was at the Steelers’ practice facility in Pittsburgh, as the team begins Phase Two of it’s offseason workout plan.

While he hasn’t spent much time at the Steelers’ practice facility this offseason, Brown hasn’t spent any time away from his training. He’s constantly posting Snapchat videos of his workouts, and recently, it was revealed that he is working out at Nabie “The Speed Doctor” Fofanah’s training facility in California in between training and filming for DWTS.

WTAE also talked with Antonio at this link. They ask him about the differences between doing DWTS and football and lots more. They also talked with a few of the couples here. This link has a really fun gallery too of the cast getting ready for the show backstage. You can see the designers talking about how they put the costumes together at Variety too.

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