Ginzer Zee Talks About Bullies Who Have Given Her A Hard Time For Doing DWTS And More

Is there something wrong with being a Mom and doing Dancing With The Stars? I say NO”!! Apparently, there are some bullies out there who have given Ginger Zee a hard time about it. Snooki and others weigh in too. More below and at People.

“You have to ignore [the judgment], especially social media,” advises Selenis Leyvia, 43, who plays Gloria Mendoza on Orange Is the New Black and is mom to teenage daughter Alina. “Sometimes [people] can be so awful, and when they go out to get you and be mean, they go for it.”

Zee, who recently landed DWTS‘ first perfect score of the season, then reflects on how much differently she handles criticism now that she’s a mom as opposed to during her 15-year career.

“They could say whatever they wanted to me — call me ugly and stupid and I was like, ‘All right,’ ” she says. “But when you’re a mom, it’s like, ‘No, no, I’m really trying!’ ”

ETA: ABC has an article up of how Ginger will celebrate Mother’s Day….

Mother’s Day will be extra special for ABC News chief meteorologist and current “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Ginger Zee this year.

It’s her first as a mom, after giving birth in December to her child with husband Ben Aaron, a son named Adrian.

She plans to spend time with her baby boy on Sunday when she’s not rehearsing for “Dancing With the Stars.”

“We’ll do breakfast or something with the baby and, you know, we’ll do everything we possibly can. We organize it so that I can spend as much time with him,” Zee told ABC News.

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