DWTS Carrie Ann Talks About Creating Her Teams Dance For Week 8

This week, Carrie Ann uses her blog over on Access Hollywood to talk about the whole process to create her teams dance in the Team Up Challenge.  She mentions that it was a daunting task to coordinate so many different production elements, and she’s right. The fact that every single department backstage worked as well as they did for Carrie Ann’s dance– As well as every dance done every single week, says much for the wonderful people behind the scenes. Honestly? This show needs a lot more behind the scenes emmys.

Here’s what she has to say:

My team was to represent the dawn of man and woman, born of the elements — earth, air, water (I would have loved to have fire but I knew just getting the rain approved was more than enough to bring the concept to life). I discussed the ideas and themes and concepts in broad strokes to get their reaction. It’s important that the concept feels good for the performers because I know that it’s an arduous journey, and if they don’t love the concept, they won’t give it their all when the time comes. As the creative director, it is my job to create a dynamic space for them to shine their brightest, to give more than they’ve ever given before, and to be in their own divine and unique power. I was happy to know they liked the idea.

I always like reading what Carrie Ann has to say every week, and this week’s blog was very interesting. Make sure you head over and read the whole thing, seeing a “behind the scenes” in creating this dance from an excel spread sheet.