Dancing with the Stars Season 22, Week 9 – Live Blog!! (Spoilers)

Welp, I hope you all voted a LOT. I’m afraid tonight is going to turn the finale into one of the worst ever on the show. Losing the work of either Mark or Lindsay would be a damn shame, and their partners are awesome too. I think I will watch the entire show with my fingers crossed that we don’t get an Argentine Tango in the guise of a freestyle next week.

Bindi is the cohost on All Access for anyone interested. An appearance by her hot blond partner would definitely salvage this show for me right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Where’s my wine??

It would lead me to drink less if you all would remember to NOT constantly hit refresh while the show is airing in the east, and make sure you have more than a one liner for a comment.

Wait. Tonight’s the first time that the semifinal votes have counted for the winner? Yeah…I think I know why that is. People better VOTE.

Despite Hip Hip Chin Chin being horribly overused on this show, Mark found a different way and dang, Paige didn’t miss a step. Perfect.

Poor Alan. He’s not ready for prime time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Normally Erin would annoy me with these questions, but I gotta admit I LOL’ed at all the Peacock feathers talk.

I see Sharna went to the Chmerkovskiy school of choreography with that god knows how many counts of WALKING at the beginning of that dance. Very sloppy dancing when they got around to it. If he gets a 30 imma be pissed. His face at the beginning was an improvement – he seemed more in it. But he was concentrating so hard and it was so obvious.

How much do I love the nickname that Wanya has given Lindsay? Z-pac. Just too f’in cute.

I used to think that Witney was the more gorgeous of the Lindsay/Witney duo – but I think Lindsay has outgrown her and is the more beautiful now.

Wow! Fantastic Paso. Not perfect, but close. Too much swag, but the choreo was SO far ahead of Antonio’s, as was the execution. He better get at least one ten.

Whoo Hoo!! Perfect 30 for Wanya and I can dig that, since he got hosed last week. Hope it’s not an omen, but that was a damn good dance. If he were to get eliminated in favor of Antonio, that would be a damn shame.

Cute choreo by Peta, but quite sloppily danced. Missed quite a few steps. So much going on it would be hard for him. Agree with Len on the sync.

Oh Val. You don’t need a perfect 10 to make it to the finale. That has already been determined.

Horrible song for a Paso, took forever to get started, but she did a good job once she got going. She even hit it harder than she would have a few weeks ago, but ATTENTION:

GINGER HAS DANCE EXPERIENCE!! I’m going to keep mentioning this as long as it takes.

Here’s how paranoid I am – she gets critiqued instead of ass kissed so I wonder if she’s making it to the finale. :::rolls eyes:::

Paige is a very beautiful girl. ๐Ÿ™‚

Very unconventional AT, as they got kinda hosed by the music. But I enjoyed it. Very different. Mark doesn’t have a tendency to repeat himself. Lots of AT steps, well executed. The music just made it feel different.

:::sigh::: Very simplistic contemporary from Antonio and Sharna and it had some sloppy spots. Good lifter though.

Holy crap, another killer dance from Wanya!! Fantastic. Didn’t miss a step. Perfect Charleston.

Nyle has worked on his posture problem!! Still sticks the butt out a bit, but I see an improvement. I think the blindfold was unnecessary, but it was a pretty darn good dance. Don’t think it was a 30, but it was close!!

I will agree that Ginger brings out the best in Val’s personality, I just wish that he could bring more to her dancing. Note how there was no mention of the Valparaiso dance team. :::cough::: And yes, it is different from the cheerleaders — they have both teams at Valparaiso and Ginger was on Dance.

Ginger at Valparaiso

Wonder if the judges caught that missed jump in the middle of that quickstep, in addition to her unsteadiness in a couple spots. I’m guessing yes.

And yep. Over scored once again.


SAFE – Ginger and Val.

SAFE – Nyle and Peta.

SAFE – Paige and Mark

Eliminated – Wanya and Lindsay/Antonio and Sharna

Travesty. Happy for Paige and Nyle, but no way should Ginger be there.

How did we do?? Who the F*ck cares.