More DWTS22 Semi-Finals Interviews, Primetime Schedule For Next Season, Erin Andrews Blogs On Dress

Below you can watch a few more interviews with the couples after Dancing With The Stars Monday night. If you missed all the updates to our first post, be sure to see them all here.

You can also view some photos of the cast after the show Monday night at a party at Getty Images. Thanks to DWTSGossip for the heads up.

And didn’t Erin Andrews look gorgeous Monday night? You can read her new style blog at People. Here is a take from the link for how she found her dress.

Although most weeks you can credit Alyssa for creating Erin’s head-to-toe evening look, this week it was all Erin. The host told PeopleStyle exclusively, “I found tonight’s dress when I was helping my girlfriend shop for her summer trip to London. I was searching Intermix’s website a few weeks ago, found it, and sent it to Alyssa to get her thoughts. We loved it when I tried it on. So simple, but gorgeous enough for the ballroom. I received so many compliments on it in the ballroom and the Internet. It feels like the perfect summer evening dress. Many women tweeted me that it was a great one to wear to a wedding. I can’t wait to wear it again over the next few months. Never did I think it would be this big of a hit, but the colors are beautiful, the cut is elegant, it has a princess touch to it.”

Also, yesterday ABC announced it’s primetime schedule. Like in previous seasons, Dancing With The Stars will be aired on Monday nights. See Coming Soon Net for more.