Numerology And Astrology Predictions For The Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Finale

“All Is Number” – Plato
By Donamadrina

“Numbers are the universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.” – St. Augustine


It’s a Tight One, Folks!

by donamadrina

Ancient Numerology
Undoubtedly you know who Pythagoras was. Well, if you don’t, surely you remember his theorem that you labored over in geometry class, a2 + b2 = c2. Remember him now? Well, this guy Pythagoras was a well-renown Greek philosopher who taught all of his students how to “read” numbers. In fact, he’s considered the first “pure” mathematician (math that has no practical purpose), and also he was the originator of what we know as numerology today. But, Pythagoras had other credits too. He was a philosopher, scientist, astronomer, musician, and a spiritual teacher. He taught his followers that a person’s entire destiny could be read from the numbers of a person’s birthdate and name. His foundational premise was that everything in the universe vibrates to its own frequency and is represented by a number.

Pythagoras and his followers were not the only group that believed in the impact of numbers on one’s life. Enter the Chinese, the Japanese, as well as the Chaldeans, Hebrews, Egyptians, Phoenicians, even the early Christians. And of course, we all know about the Mayans (and their famous calendar), and the Incas.

After a thousands years or so of the use of numerology by Roman Catholic theologians, in 325AD, the church’s first Council of Nicaea removed numerological practices from church orthodoxy. Despite this removal, however, the practice and the fascination with numerology continued to grow to this day. And it’s this science that we will use to predict the winner of Season 22. Well…we’ll give it the good ole college try anyway. ☺

Let’s get started, shall we?

Numerology in a Nutshell
In this basic numerology lesson, I’m going to show you how some of a person’s important numbers are derived since my readers in the past have said they don’t understand how this all works. It’s pretty simple really. We’re just going to add up a series of numbers until we arrive at a single digit. See below for how it’s done.

* For all the examples below, we are using the birth date of May 17, 1985.

Life Path Number
This is a person’s most important number, like an astrological Sun sign. It describes the path your life must take for you to feel fulfilled. Here’s the formula:
Birth Month + Birth Day + Birth Year = Life Path Number
5+1+7+1+9+8+5 (May 17, 1985) = 36 = 9
This person’s Life Path number is 9.

Attitude Number
A person’s Attitude number describes one’s general attitude toward life. Here’s the formula:
Birth Month + Birth Day.
5+1+7 = 13 = 4
This person’s Attitude number is a 4.

Personal Year
A person’s Personal Year number describes the trends for a specific year. Here’s the formula:
World Number + Attitude Number = Personal Year

World Year Number for 2016 = 2+0+1+6 = 9.
Attitude Number for May 17 is 5+1+7 = 13 = 4

World Year #9 + Attitude #4 = 13 = 4
This person’s Personal Year is a 4.

Personal Month
A person’s Personal Month describes the trends for a specific month. Here’s the formula:
Personal Year Number + Month of the Year Number = Personal Month

Personal Year for May 17, 2016 is 5+1+7+2+0+1+6 = 22 = 4
Number for Month of July = 7

Personal Year #4 + Month of July #7 = 11 = 2
This person’s Personal Month for July is a 2.

So, was that hard? Piece of cake, right? If you were figuring out your own numbers along the way, you’re ahead of the game. Now, you can click here to read what they all mean. ☺

Okay, let’s move on!

NATURAL MATCH, Compatible and Challenging Numbers, Oh My!
The essence of what a modern day numerologist does is to look at combinations of numbers to determine their interrelated harmony or lack thereof. Let’s talk about three types of number that are referenced below. First off, there are NATURAL MATCH numbers and they’re a really good thing to have.

A NATURAL MATCH consists of two numbers that are very harmonious to each other and predict a high probability of success, especially in important matters. Below are three sets of NATURAL MATCH numbers that are all harmonious to each other within the same set:

The NATURAL MATCH Mental Numbers: 1, 5, 7
The NATURAL MATCH Business Numbers: 2, 4, 8
The NATURAL MATCH Creative Numbers: 3, 6, 9

Secondly, there are numbers that are Compatible to each other. Though not quite as auspicious as NATURAL MATCH numbers, Compatible numbers still are generally good, indicating that small things will most likely go okay for you.

And then there are Challenging numbers, numbers that indicate that things may not flow quite so smoothly, so you had better stay focused. They also represent numbers that are toxic to each other. Did you ever have a day where things just didn’t go your way, not easily anyway? That could be because your numbers that day were Challenging to each other. Or ever wonder why when you meet someone, you instantly don’t care for that person or have you been in a situation where you continually butt heads with someone? Could be their numbers are primarily toxic to yours.

Below is Chart A that shows the numbers that are Compatible to each other and the numbers that are Challenging to each other. For example, in Chart A below, you see that the number 1 is compatible with 2, 3, 9, but 4, 6, and 8 are challenging to a #1.


Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter. We’re now going to analyze the NATURAL MATCH numbers for the three remaining couples going to the finals. All you need to remember is that NATURAL MATCH numbers indicate a high probability of success for that person or couple. As we go, take note of “how many” of those NATURAL MATCH numbers exist for a couple. The more the merrier as that is an indication of a good probability of being successful next week. Yay!

Not All Sets of NATURAL MATCHES Are Created Equal
But, before we begin, I want to show you the numbers for Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe who were eliminated in Week 8.

CHART B - Keo-Jodie

Do these really good numbers amaze you? Well, did Jodie and Keo have a great deal of success on Season 22? You betcha! They went further than many people were projecting they would go. Heretofore, Keo and his partners were eliminated in weeks one, three and two respectively during his three prior seasons on Dancing With the Stars. If you had looked at their numbers at the beginning of the season, you’d be able to say with a great deal of certainty that they were going to have a high probability of success from their participation in the show. The question would be: would they win it? Obviously they did not. So as you see, having plentiful NATURAL MATCH numbers do not necessarily spell a win, so it’s important to look at the broader picture.

Bear in mind that ancient numerology was not used for making predictions like this. Rather, it had a spiritual purpose, to determine the mystical path of one’s life. Therefore, ancient numerologists did not “compare” the numbers of one person to those numbers of another since their science had a sacred purpose, that of helping an individual to live a fuller and more spiritual life.

So our playing around trying to predict which couple’s numbers are more indicative of success than the other couples’ numbers is just for fun. We’re using a science that was not originally designed for this purpose, and so we have to try to intuit success. That’s where the “art” of numerology comes into play. ☺

Okay, with those parameters understood, let’s continue. Our task now is to look at the numbers of the remaining couples and to predict the likelihood of a win. If all the couples have a lot of NATURAL MATCH numbers, then we have a challenge, and things can get a bit sticky. The last eight couples on the show have pretty much had an abundance of NATURAL MATCH numbers. When that happens, it makes it harder to make predictions, because no one couple is standing out. We call this “having too much duality” to make a prediction. You just sort of have to look at the numbers after the fact to see why they won or didn’t win.

If you were around last season, you saw how Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough’s numbers pointed to a strong possibility of a win. They had the strongest numbers out of all the couples. We could predict with a fair degree of certainty that they would win. Well, maybe we could. That’s not always the case. We just saw Jodie and Keo’s numbers. Another example is from Season 20. Nastia and Derek had the best numbers out of all the couples, but…they were eliminated in week 9. How can that be, you say? See Elimination Gate.

The Anatomy of a Win!
Last season, I explored with you what the numbers had to say about Derek Hough’s wins in Season 7, 10, 11, 16, 17, and 21. There were a few things that were consistent in all of his wins. Using those formulas that proved to be an indication of a win for Derek, we’ll examine how our current couples match up against these formulas.

Example 1 – Derek’s Wins – Seasons 10, 11, 16, 17
Derek’s Personal Month was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.

Paige’s Personal Month is Challenging to her Life Path.
Mark’s Personal Month is NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.
Ginger’s Personal Month is Compatible to her Life Path.
Valentin’s Personal Month is Compatible to his Life Path.
Nyle’s Personal Month is Challenging to his Life Path.
Peta’s Personal Month is Compatible to her Life Path.

So far with this information, no one is standing out as an obvious winner, though Ginger and Val have the best combination of numbers.

Example 2 – Derek’s Win – Season 7
Derek’s Personal Month was a NATURAL MATCH to his Personal Year.

Paige’s Personal Month is Challenging to her Personal Year.
Mark’s Personal Month is Challenging to his Personal Year.
Ginger’s Personal Month is a NATURAL MATCH to her Personal Year.
Valentin’s Personal Month is a NATURAL MATCH to his Personal Year.
Nyle’s Personal Month is Challenging to his Personal Year.
Peta’s Personal Month is Compatible to her Personal Year.

From this scenario, Ginger and Val have the best combination of numbers again, with Paige and Mark’s not looking so good.

Example 3 – Derek’s Win – Season 21
Derek’s Personal Year was a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.

Paige’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to her Life Path.
Mark’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.
Ginger’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to her Life Path.
Valentin’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to her Life Path.
Nyle’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to his Life Path.
Peta’s Personal Year is a NATURAL MATCH to her Life Path.

In Season 21, Bindi and Derek won with this combination, but look how all of the remaining couples this season have these NATURAL MATCH numbers. We’ll have to consider another set of possibilities for our three finalist couples. So let’s take a look at other contributing factors numerologically from Bindi and Derek’s win.

Example 4 – Derek’s Win Season 21
Season 21 equals a 3 (2+1 =3)
Season 21 was a NATURAL MATCH to Bindi’s Personal Year and Derek’s Personal Year.
Season 21 was a NATURAL MATCH to Derek’s Life Path number of 9.

Mark – Season 22 (4) is a NATURAL MATCH to Mark’s Personal Year.
Nyle – Season 22 (4) is a NATURAL MATCH to Nyle’s Personal Year.

Using this scenario, only two people are a match, but only having one of the two criteria.

Example 5 – Derek’s Win Season 21
Derek and Bindi’s Attitude numbers are a NATURAL MATCH to each other.
Derek and Bindi’s Personal Years were a NATURAL MATCH to each other.
Derek and Bindi’s Personal Months were a NATURAL MATCH to each other.

Paige and Mark’s Attitudes are a NATURAL MATCH to each other, but not their Personal Years or Personal Months.
Ginger and Valentin’s Life Paths are a NATURAL MATCH to each other, but not their Personal Years of Personal Months.

Nyle and Peta do not have a NATURAL MATCH in any of these areas, and the other two couples do not have the advantage that Bindi and Derek had of having all three conditions as NATURAL MATCHES.

The NATURAL-MATCH-Numbers Watch
Time to put it all together to see what we have. Let’s add all of the couples’ NATURAL MATCH numbers whether they were indicators for Derek’s wins or not.


The challenge of predicting the winners of DWTS is figuring out what else to look at when everyone has a lot of NATURAL MATCH numbers. As we saw with Jodie and Keo, who had more NATURAL MATCH numbers than any other couple, having lots of NATURAL MATCH numbers still may not earn a couple the win.

Putting It All Together
To be able to perhaps predict with more definity, we’ll review another set of considerations. Let’s add each couple’s Compatible numbers and their Challenging numbers to the mix. This might give a better indication of who will easily win…or who may have to struggle to earn their win.


I will pretty much let the chart above speak for itself. It’s pretty obvious why these three pairings are in the finals (although Wanyá and Lindsay could just as easily be in the mix as well). When looking at the Challenging entries in this chart, remember that these refer to situations that may not flow as smoothly as hoped; challenges are present. Challenging does not necessarily mean failure. Derek Hough relished challenging situations, because it helped him to get his creative juices flowing. Nyle’s entire journey on Dancing With the Stars can be characterized as Challenging for him, right? So, after studying this particular chart, which couple do you think has the edge to win?

A few seasons ago, we looked at NAME NUMBERS and found that although Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson didn’t have the most NATURAL MATCH numbers out of the remaining finalists for Season 19, their NAME NUMBERS were a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

Here’s how NAME NUMBERS are determined. Each letter of a name receives a number from 1-9. Certain numbers and certain combinations of numbers are considered to be luckier than others for winning. The numbers 5, 6, and 8 are lucky winning numbers, especially the more you have of them in your name. Also, if you have any combination of these numbers “together”, such as 55, or 56, or 58, or 86, etc., you tend to be particularly lucky. Let’s take a look see.


So who are our lucky couples? Other than Mark, they all have some lucky numbers. Paige and Val, have double numbers, 58 and 55 respectively, including some single lucky numbers. (In Mark’s full name, Mark Alexander Ballas, he has a 56, a 5, and a 5. However, Mark doesn’t use his full name professionally. Maybe he should. Vibration is everything.)

But, oh my! Look at Ginger Zee. She has triple numbers, 855. Val, Ginger’s partner, also has one set of double numbers, 55, with multiple single lucky numbers. Hmmm. Well, if it worked for Alfonso and Witney, could it work for Ginger and Val as well?

So, there you have it, all the numbers for this season to study. Now you can go ahead and make your best guess. You don’t have to tell anyone…or maybe you’d like to share. As you can see, each couple has the numbers for a good run this season. Tell us who your favorite is for winning in the comments below. You don’t have to be right, you know! Numerology is as much an art as a science.

Thanks for reading. ~Dona

Calvin and Hobbes Cartoon
Calvin Hobbes Cartoon

Vogue: And below is an Astrology analogy for Dancing With The Stars Season 22! When I saw the zodiac combination of Peta and Nyle, I was freaking for how strong of a pairing they are. Also note that these sign combinations are the most powerful for winning Dancing With The Stars as a whole that I’ve seen in the past: “Taurus” has won the most, Cancer is 2nd, Gemini is 3rd, Capricorn is 4th, and Aries 6th (I may do a follow up on this after the season is over). Ok, read on for more…

Val and Ginger:
Ginger is a Capricorn born January 13th. Val is an Aries (like our John) born March 24th.
Ginger’s Strengths: Strong work ethic, Maintaining, Professional Surmounting
Val’s Strengths: Solid, Powerful, Lavish
Strengths Together: Driven, Educational, Team Oriented
Weaknesses Together: Unyielding, over serious, stubborn

This partnership can have it’s issues. While both are driven and are naturally hard workers (Capricorns will spend hours upon hours for whatever their profession is while Aries is driven for whatever their passion is), they don’t match “emotionally”. One tends to be more needy while the other is hard headed and stubborn. This can result in a lot of drama. Though if they can agree to take time out for just some relaxing and nurturing time, they can work it out to get to their desired goals.

Paige and Mark:
Paige is an Aries. She was born on March 26th. Mark was born May 24th which makes him a Gemini (like our Miss Heidi).
Paige’s Strengths: Frank, Spontaneous, Dynamic
Mark’s Strengths: Versatile, Active, Brilliant
Strengths Together: Self-understanding, Energetic, Visionary
Weaknesses Together: Combative, Impulsive, Unstable

This combination can be super dynamic. Both will work at their hardest to win. However, wanting to win so much can sometimes have it’s serious drawbacks psychologically for them both. Their minds have to stay clear of the competition, all negativity, and stay focused. With Aries “sports and competing” mindset combined with Gemini’s brilliant, creative, and leading ability to adopt in dual personalities to in any given situation, everything can come together for them. Note that Candace Cameron Bure and Mark were an Aries and Gemini combination as well. I always thought they let “wanting to win” get the best of them. Can Paige and Mark overcome it and let everything come together for them instead? I think the odds are higher for them being Paige is use to competing when Candace wasn’t.

Nyle & Peta:
Nyle was born on May 8th. He is a Taurus. Peta is a Cancer. She was born on July 14th.
Nyle’s Strengths: Enterprising, Fair Minded, Magnetic
Peta’s Strengths: Enterprising, Persuasive, Observant
Strengths together: Magnanimous, Initiatory, Optimistic
Weaknesses Together: Naïve, Pushy, One-Track

Grand projects, far-reaching ideas, and an ability to expand and challenge themselves in any situation are these two’s strengths together. They both despise weakness at all costs. They have no time for it despite hardships. A pairing like this can be found working together for endless hours for a common goal and they never give up. They make a strong, passionate, and powerful team. Nothing gets in their way. They will only galvanize into another world the more they are together. One more note: reading on this pairing, I want to add that Peta and Nyle are one of THE STRONGEST PAIRINGS on this show I’ve ever seen when doing these predictions with Dona. Seriously, watch out!! I would not be surprised if this union goes all the way which I told Dona last week before the semi-finals!

And there you go! Let Dona and I know what you think in comments! Who is a match to win and who isn’t?

To read our past predictions, see this link. To read on Dona’s astrology findings on Derek Hough, see Pure Derek Hough.

Dona’s numerology is based on the teachings of Glynis McCants.

Vogue’s sources for Astrology: Horoscopes Love Eu, The Secret Language Of Relationships, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns”