Dancing with the Stars Season 22, THE FINALE NIGHT TWO – Live Blog!! (Spoilers)

I’m back, I’ve watched the show… And what in the hell was Val thinking?   It started out OK and then it turned into a bad parody of Derek’s fox trot with Nicole that happened in like week three or four combined with the dumbed down version of his Singin’ in the Rain with Bethany. Good lord.  What happened to the good old days when bad freestyles actually got like 8s?? Cuz that was bad…and everyone was pretending it was great. How annoying can you get?

As it turns out…pretty annoying. 🙂

Opening number was quite craptastic. So sloppy and so typical Mandy Moore. Time for  a change there DWTS.

Did love seeing Tom do the Robot. 🙂

After a bunch of filler, Paige and Mark redo their UFC Paso – and it’s still cool.

Heh. Kenny Mayne and his “bad” interviews. Nice party downstairs complete with flip-flops. 🙂

Forgot to mention…Bindi rooting for Paige. Girl is media savvy. She roots for Ginger when talking to GMA. 🙂

Julianne Hough in the front row with Nastia and a little girl. Hmmmmm

Who’s this girl band? And why is one of them wearing a crown?

Oh. Fifth Harmony? My question remains.

Oh look, another all female bump and grind with a tiny bit of dancing throw in…and now a housewife stereotype’s been added. Fantastic. :::rolls eyes:::

Ginger’s AT looks pretty damn good when compared to the crap she danced last night.

I’m officially bored.  I think Derek sent Julianne to sit in the audience to remind us all of what we’re missing without actually having to go to the show himself. 😀

Oh look, Maks and Val’s tour is going to have dances with a whole lot of non dancing just like all their numbers on DWTS.

OMG…that actually sucked. Contrast that to Jules and Derek last spring which they won an Emmy for. I don’t recall Derek and Jules actually speaking about it.

BTW, it’s the ONLY dance show this summer. The arrogance is mind boggling. I’m actually shocked. P.S. Maks, don’t try to imitate Derek again. Blowing that jump at the end was just bad.

Okay, not bored anymore…that bit with Von, Witney and Lindsay was just freakin’ hilarious. tom’s right, they are good sports.

Now they have men doing bump and grind numbers….but it was a damn sight better than the women, possibly due to Von and Antonio coming in at the end. That’s a funny friendship. 🙂

Ugh. Pittbull. Just another DWTS finale.

LOL to Doug and Geraldo in man buns and Hooray for Mischa!!

Okay, I really liked the “Summer Thing” dance! Was that a Mandy number?

Okay, time for the rest of the competition. Ginger and Val up first with their fusion.

Ginger was doing really well, although it’s pretty basic…and then she missed a hand pass, but played it off rather well.  We’ll see if it gets called.

And she does get called on it by Len. And Bruno. What’s with CAI?? Too much spray tan?

And she gets a 27 out of 30. She’s not winning – if she was they would have overlooked the mistake. Or…she won by a lot and that 27 won’t matter. 🙂  I suspect both Nyle and Paige get the same score (as each other, not Ginger) so the outcome isn’t changed.

Here we go with Nyle and Peta. Cha Cha/Tango fusion

Oh Peta… :::sniff:::

Good job from Nyle and Peta!!  Still a few posture issues, and a bit of sloppiness in a couple spots – but well done. Tougher choreo. Peta has done a good job with Nyle.

Mark and Paige doing a Salsa/Jive Fusion…

And absolutely killed it. Plenty of hips, plenty of sass.

They way the judges were talking I was getting the feeling that Paige had it, until Len made the comment about “if it was judged only on dancing” – that made me think Nyle.

Still no idea. Third Place coming up.

THIRD PLACE: Ginger and Val

AND THE WINNER IS: Nyle and Peta!

Congrats to Nyle, Peta and Mark and Paige.