DWTS 22 Post Finale Numerology And Astrology Follow Up, Mirror Ball Astrology Scorecard Updated

A Follow-Up: The Winning Numbers were…!

by donamadrina

Oh my! This is what I can say about Nyle and Peta’s win, folks! 🙂

As we knew already, the duality was unbelievable in the numbers this season. (My numerology teacher would never have tried to call it.) So I went back to see what may have been the reason numerologically for Nyle and Peta’s win.

As we have seen before, so many of the couples this season had amazing numbers, with tons of NATURAL MATCH numbers, more than I’ve seen in any season ever since I’ve been doing these numerology posts. The cause for so many NATURAL MATCH numbers has to do with the fact that the year 2016 equals a 9, which makes it so that everyone’s Personal Year number matches their Life Path number. (Too complicated to cover here.)

Of the three finalists, Paige and Mark had the most NATURAL MATCH numbers (See prior post, click here.). But of course, we also saw how Jodie and Keo had the most NATURAL MATCH numbers out of all the last remaining eight couples, but they were eliminated.

So………..what did it come down to? It seems that the numbers that made the difference were the numbers for the “day” of the win.

Here are the numbers for May 24, 2016, the finale…based on each couples’ Life Path numbers and Attitude numbers and their compatibility with the numbers for the Day.

Third Place
Ginger: Challenging, Compatible
Val: Compatible, NATURAL MATCH

Second Place
Paige: NATURAL MATCH, Challenging
Mark: NATURAL MATCH, Compatible

Your Winners!

Voila! It’s so easy to see who the winners would be — in “hindsight.”

Vogue: Fascinating, Dona!! Well done!!

As for the Astrology end, as you know from our previous post last week, the strongest union paired together was Peta and Nyle. In fact, it’s been the strongest match ever that I’ve ever seen doing this.

Nyle & Peta:
Nyle was born on May 8th. He is a Taurus. Peta is a Cancer. She was born on July 14th.
Nyle’s Strengths: Enterprising, Fair Minded, Magnetic
Peta’s Strengths: Enterprising, Persuasive, Observant
Strengths together: Magnanimous, Initiatory, Optimistic
Weaknesses Together: Naïve, Pushy, One-Track

Grand projects, far-reaching ideas, and an ability to expand and challenge themselves in any situation are these two’s strengths together. They both despise weakness at all costs. They have no time for it despite hardships. A pairing like this can be found working together for endless hours for a common goal and they never give up. They make a strong, passionate, and powerful team. Nothing gets in their way. They will only galvanize into another world the more they are together. One more note: reading on this pairing, I want to add that Peta and Nyle are one of THE STRONGEST PAIRINGS on this show I’ve ever seen when doing these predictions with Dona. Seriously, watch out!! I would not be surprised if this union goes all the way which I told Dona last week before the semi-finals!

Even still, Mark and Paige were a strong union too in the creative and fighting end of their astrology traits.

So, below is the current Mirror Ball Astrology Scorecard to get us up to date. Looking this over again and with knowing now how Peta is a Cancer and Nyle is a Taurus (the Top Two Signs to win Mirror Balls) made their chances to win even greater:

1st: Taurus (Earth sign) –11 Mirror Balls
(Derek Hough – 6, Cheryl Burke – 2, Emmit Smith – 1, Helio Castroneves-1, Nyle DiMarco – 1)

2nd: Cancer (Water sign) – 8 Mirror Balls (Julianne Hough – 2, Peta Murgatroyd – 2, Kristi Yamaguchi – 1, Nicole Scherzinger – 1, Kelly Pickler – 1, Tony Dovolani – 1)

3rd: Gemini (Air sign) – 5 Mirror Balls (Mark Ballas – 2, Kelly Monaco – 1, Apolo Ohno -1, JR Martinez – 1)
Leo (Fire sign) – 5 Mirror Balls (Kym Johnson – 2, Drew Lachey – 1, Rumer Willis -1, Bindi Irwin-1)

4th: Capricorn (Earth sign) – 4 Mirror Balls ( Maks Chmerkovskiy – 1, Meryl Davis – 1, Karina Smirnoff – 1, Shawn Johnson – 1)

5th: Aries (Fire sign) – 3 Mirror Balls ( Alec Mazo – 1, Jennifer Grey – 1, Val Chmerkovskiy- 1)

6th: Aquarius (Air sign) – 2 Mirror Balls (Donald Driver – 1, Amber Riley – 1)
Pisces (Water sign) – 2 Mirror Balls (Hines Ward – 1, Melissa Rycroft – 1)
Virgo (Earth sign) – 2 Mirror Balls (Brooke Burke – 1, Alfonso Ribeiro – 1)

7th: Sagittarius (Fire sign) – 1 Mirror Ball (Donny Osmond – 1)
Libra (Air sign)– 1 Mirror Ball (Witney Carson –1)

8th: Scorpio (Water sign) – 0 Mirror Balls

More interesting Dancing With The Stars Astrology facts:

– The Earth signs have won the most Mirror Balls at 17. The Water signs have won 10 Mirror Balls. The Fire signs have won 9 Mirror Balls. The Air signs have won 8 Mirror Balls.

– Two pairings with the same sign combinations have won Dancing With The Stars in the past….Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke (both Taurus, Earth sign) in Season 3 Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis (both Capricorn, Earth sign) won in Season 18.

Laila Ali and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Both Capricorns and won 3rd place in Season 4
Kirstie Alley and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Both Capricorns and won 2nd place in Season 12
Mark Ballas and Aly Raisman – Both Gemini’s and placed 4th in Season 16.

Thanks for reading! Numerology and Astrology may have nothing to do with who wins Dancing With The Stars or not, but, it sure makes one wonder sometimes? ~Dona and Vogue xx