PureDWTS Season 22 Finale Night Two: Recaps, Interviews, And More

Let’s get straight to the media today! Though before we begin, know that we don’t go away in the off season of Dancing With The Stars. We have new “end of the season” Questionnaires coming. We want to ask you on which Pros and Celebs you’d like to see dance next season and much much more including RUMORS and special blogs from Heidi and Courtney. So, don’t go away.

Ok, onto some Media. First, see Stormy’s Tumbler Page for all the DWTS All Access coverage last night if you missed it. A huge thank you to her for working early in the mornings to get it all up as soon as possible for everyone. Afterwards, read People for all of their coverage including news that Peta might be expecting (WHA?? Be sure to read the link if your eyes are falling out like mine. lol). Then head to Glamour. Below is a take for what happened behind the scenes after the show was over. Be sure to read the link for lots more.

The ballroom cleared out pretty quickly after the show ended (both to get the final contestants on a flight to New York, and to get everyone else to the wrap party), but runner-ups Mark Ballas and Paige VanZant graciously came over for a chat. “It is bittersweet,” said Paige of last night’s outcome. “I’m upset of course. I wanted to take that mirrorball home, and I wanted [Mark] to win it for his birthday.” Still, “I’m really blessed for the opportunity. I feel like I haven’t lost anything, and I’ve only gained momentum, and a platform to speak out against bullying. It’s been amazing.”

Although it wasn’t the same as winning the mirrorball, head judge Len Goodman did say that if the finals were solely judged on dance, Paige was the best dancer. “It’s lovely to hear that,” noted Mark. “I’ve known Len a long time, and have a lot of respect for Len, so when he gives you that kind of a compliment, it’s very nice. But I know that [of Paige]. I knew that. So, you know…” he trailed off. Still, it’s not the end of the journey for the pro dancer and the UFC fighter, who have become close friends since early March. “I’m going to be in L.A. a lot,” revealed Paige, “so he won’t be able to get rid of me!”

Looking back to the very beginning of their journey, there’s not much Paige would change, expect for maybe one thing. “Maybe [I’d tell myself] to listen to Mark more right away,” she laughed. “And just completely embrace myself in this competition and not worry so much. I was so worried at first what I was going to say and if people were going to like me, but you know what? Just go for it and be yourself.”

As for Mark’s 30th birthday, the celebration will have to wait, as he and Paige will travel from L.A. to N.Y.C. and back again within 24 hours. It’s a hectic time for all the couples, who traditionally not only visit GMA, but Live with Kelly! and The View as well. After DWTS ended last night, season 22 champs Nyle DiMarco and Peta Murgatroyd were trying to take as many photos with friends and family before publicists literally ushered them out of the studio to change and get on their flight. Peta’s fiance, Maks, was seen taking photos and sharing hugs with Nyle’s mom and twin brother. For more behind-the-scenes access, check out our Snapchat backstage!

Here’s a Glamour snapchat as well…

FOX411 talked with the couples….

DiMarco, who danced despite being unable to hear a note of the music, said through an interpreter, “This is for the 70 million deaf people in this world. That’s the reason I’m here. They are the reason and that’s why I [was] doing so well every week. They really gave me that inspiration and I’m so thankful for that.

“[My win] means that barriers can be broken. Even though there are barriers there, it doesn’t mean that you can’t break them. You just gotta work twice as hard, set your goals, and break those barriers. Opportunities are endless.”

DiMarco will be traveling to Hong Kong soon for a modeling job, then heading to Las Vegas to host an event for his Nyle DiMarco Foundation, a non-profit organization which helps deaf children and their parents.

Meanwhile, Murgatroyd, who is engaged to former “DWTS” pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy, told FOX411 their wedding plans are proceeding fast.

“[They are going] really well. We’ve got some dates booked out,” she said coyly.

VanZant, whose partner Mark Ballas celebrated his 30th birthday on Tuesday, wasn’t upset about finishing second.

“It felt amazing. Of course I wanted to win the mirror ball for Mark’s birthday but at the same time, I’m very happy for Nyle, he’s inspiring people and he’s doing things that no one else has ever done before and it’s beautiful and I loved watching him grow throughout this entire season.”

VanZant was happy the show gave her a platform to speak out about bullying, which she suffered as a kid. However, she is looking forward to getting back into the octagon.

“I miss my fight world,” she said. “I miss punching people.”

VanZant told FOX411 she heads to Thailand next month to film a role in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s “Kickboxer” sequel: “I’m very excited. It’s my first movie role and at the same time, I’m actually going to have part of my fight camp in Thailand to get ready for my upcoming fight.”

More at FOX411.

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